The actors who will star in the Paco Stanley miniseries

Although there were several people interested in bringing the history of the murder of presenter Paco Stanleyrecently it was revealed that it will be the streaming platform Prime Videoproperty of Amazonthe one that performs the first miniseries about the life of the driver and the actors who will star in the story have already been announced.

Was the magazine Deadlinewhich specializes in entertainment issues, which announced that Paco Stanley’s miniseries will be starring Diego Boneta, Luis Gerardo Mendez and BelindaIt will also have the special participation of Zuria Vega, El Chá, Bárbara López, Roberto Duarte and Jorge Zárate in supporting roles.

Diego Boneta will participate in a series by Paco Stanley (Instagram)

Although the name that the series will bear is not yet known, it is known that it will begin filming at the beginning of 2023 and will be released in more than 240 countries through Prime Video. The miniseries will have 6 episodes. and it will focus on the last day of the presenter’s life and how his relatives lived the news of his death.

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At the moment, it has not yet been revealed which character the protagonists will play, nor who will give life to paco stanleybut so much Diego Boneta, Belinda and Luis Gerardo Mendez They already confirmed the news through their social networks and assured that they are very excited to start the year with this project.

“Starting 2023 with this project that has me very excited. Let’s go back to the 90’s,” he wrote Belinda on Instagram along with a screenshot of the news of Deadline.

Belinda will star in the Paco Stanley series (Instagram)

It is believed that Diego Boneta, famous for his portrayal of Luis Miguel, could assume the role of paco stanleywhile Luis Gerardo Méndez could be Mario Bezares ‘Mayito’ and Belinda Peregrín would play Paola Durante, but so far Prime Video has not confirmed anything.

Those involved in the case reject the Prime Video miniseries

After confirming the news of the new miniseries to be produced by Prime Video those involved in the case and Paul Stanley, the son of the deceased driver, have rejected his support for the miniseriesalthough it should be noted that they also tried to bring Paco’s story to the screens, but from a different perspective.

Paola Duringwho spent two years in prison after being accused of masterminding Stanley’s death and was later acquitted, said she found it “epic” that Belinda interpreted it in the series, but assured that you have not given your authorization to carry out the project and is already working with their lawyers.

Paola Durante rejects the Paco Stanley series (Instagram)

Mario Bezares stated that no one on the team Prime Video he has approached him for permission to use his image and is also working with his lawyers to decide how they will proceed legally against the company.

While paul stanley He expressed that his family and he are against the project because they seek to tell only the last three hours of his father’s life, and consider that it is a tabloid series, to give him their support they would also have to show other details of Paco Stanley’s career.

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The actors who will star in the Paco Stanley miniseries