The awakening of Maria | Review: Refreshing story of discovery

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Maria’s awakening

Maria’s life (Karin Viard) of a shock when she is called to work at the famous Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. In this prestigious site, she will be part of the cleaning team, a fundamental piece for the operation of the place. There, she meets Hubert (Gregory Gadebois), the downtown janitor who spends hours trying to move like Elvis Presley. A precious friendship arises between the two that will change the existence of María. Thanks to Hubert’s attention, she will be able to get to know herself and connect with her emotions again. But a question comes to her mind, will she leave everything for this new love?

Maria’s awakening is written and directed by Lauriane Escaffre and Yvonnick Muller and performed by Karin Viard, Gregory Gadebois Y Noah Abita. The film opens in Spain on January 4, 2022 by filmax.

The contrast of the life of Maria

María is orderly, industrious and constant. Everything about her in her life is calm and stable, from her marriage to Mr. Rodrígues to her working life. Rather, almost everything, because there is a daughter with whom she has no contact, an absent daughter who nonetheless plays an important role in the film. Having always lived among such placidity, she arrives at the Faculty of Fine Arts, which, according to Maria’s awakeningIt’s a chaotic environment full of spoiled students pretending to be creative, engaging in things that ordinary mortals wouldn’t exactly call art. They swarm among the statues and paintings and experiment with forms, sensations, colors and ideas, which drip everywhere and at all times, and it is a pleasure how the directors invite us to contemplate all this youthful outrage through the astonished eyes of María.

It is well known that the Spanish titles of the films are not necessarily translations of the originals, even sometimes they have nothing to do with them. In this case the original title has been changed, maria reve (literally “Mary dream”), with Maria’s awakeningwhich in my opinion captures what happens in the film much better, because María awakens to a new way of seeing art and life.

good script

The most important asset of the film is its good script. The characters express themselves naturally, as anyone would on a day-to-day basis. Each character has their own language and form of expression, from the good-natured conciseness of Mr. Rodrigues to the irrepressible verbosity of the director of the Academy of Fine Arts, confusion personified inside and out. One of the scenes, where Maria unintentionally parodies a description of a work of art she just heard from a student, just by changing it slightly and without malice, is an example of lucid humor with elegance and wit.

That’s just one of the many humorous jabs that build on the much-hyped debate over concept art. In Maria’s awakening the students chase it clumsily, the teachers adore it pompously, some student uses and abuses it, with complicated and almost incomprehensible paragraphs, until at the end she admits that she doesn’t know what it is, neither do it, nor handle it. Maria’s daughter is mentioned and seen on a few occasions, with few references that will allow us to reconstruct the reason and the story of her removal from her family home. It is not very clear what the film wants to do with this subplot, if it was the original intention to approach it sideways or if most of it stayed in the editing room. Very close to the end, however, this story becomes relevant, and we will be told why María has thought of her daughter more and more often, what both women have in common and why María is so beautiful and rejuvenated.

María is faced with a new world, which is in such stark contrast to her own, and this new world is embodied in the concierge, a charming and special figure. The chemistry between Karin Viard Y Gregory Gadebois It is evident, their glances and silences are eloquent and revealing, and the spark that sprouts between them has a contagious and comforting warmth, with which the viewer immediately sympathizes,

The actors live up to the script, delivering their lines with panache and good work. French actors master this art of speaking in an apparently natural way, but with clear diction, both in quiet moments and in emotional ones, for which they are easily understood, a difficult art that the viewer is very grateful for.

Maria’s awakening It is one of those films that makes life happy, a story of growth and improvement, because learning, adventure and renewal can come at any age and at any time, if we give them permission.

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Maria’s awakening

The awakening of Maria | Review: Refreshing story of discovery