The best Brendan Fraser movies that you can watch online on HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, Filmin or Disney +

    Brendan Fraser is back. His emotion after being applauded at the premiere of The Whale in Venice places him as one of the favorites to compete in the race for the Oscars. The erasure of batgirl, in which he was going to be the villain, was a small setback for his fans, who were waiting for his return to the blockbusters with the DC movie. It will be his turn, at least, in auteur cinema, a world that Fraser had explored much less than that of popcorn cinema and that, although it is more difficult to access, also usually gives it a more lasting status in Hollywood. The Whale it may be the beginning of the resurgence of a star that was everything for better and for worse. Brendan Fraser was that ideal star in the nineties, handsome, young, tall and with a face capable of covering folders and clowning alike. The problem is that action hero + comic sounds much better at the box office than it does at the critics. Fraser could not sustain success no matter how hard he worked. Unlike other stars who are lowered from the pedestal due to changes of course or scandals, Fraser always works the same, I work well, professionally. It was he, in fact, who suffered sexual abuse and who worked with physical problems. Fraser gave it all until I can’t take it anymore, and more than seven years of operations all over his body and a multitude of injuries, in addition to the inevitable passage of time, left behind the physique of a star who, moreover, was no longer accompanied by box office. But Fraser has reminded us, and Hollywood, that the body can be damaged and popularity can go down, but talent, work and spirit (the three T’s that I just made up) can lift anything. stuff. Fraser is back, but maybe he never should have left. He never left our memory but almost two decades away from the main spotlights have left more than a generation without knowing the star beyond some lazy Sunday on television. And not even that, because young people do not watch television. That fifteen minutes of commercials before the end of a movie is something that, give thanks, future generations do not seem to live. We say this in the hope that streaming platforms don’t start advertising us with the excuse of maintaining prices. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the best of Fraser’s filmography across Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, Movistar, etc. That means, we warn that we have left out great movies that we cannot find in streaming.

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To Hell with the Devil (2000) – Prime Video

We admit it, there is little positive in this film. She is misogynistic and stupid. However, it is calculated and effective entertainment. It is because of the number of scenarios, lives, accents and aspects that Fraser has to embody in each of her desires. It is also because of the parade of sexy looks of an Elisabeth Hurley that would make even the Pope satanic.


George of the Jungle (1997) – Disney+

We’ve mocked George of the Jungle as a bad movie so much that we haven’t stopped to think why we remember Brendan Fraser so much because of it. This parody of Tarzan was a hit and probably the worst movie you’ve seen multiple times without regretting it.


Four Lives (2007) – Filmin

Kevin Bacon, Julie Delpy, Andy García, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Forest Whitaker are some of the stars that accompany Fraser the last time he shone before his fall from the front line of Hollywood. It is a series of four crossed stories in which our protagonist has to be a mobster with the ability to see the future. Quite a drama with touches of thriller and romance.


No Sudden Moves (2021) – HBO

We still don’t know why the hell it’s not news that a Palme d’Or Oscar winner like Steven Soderbergh has released his last two films, notable to say the least, directly on HBO. The last one was Kimi, a kind of Pandemic Rear Window with Zoe Kravitz. But before that came No Sudden Movements, a round robbery thriller in the 50s that, in addition to Fraser, has Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour, Jon Hamm, Matt Damon, Ray Liotta, Kieran Culkin in the cast. or Julia Fox, among others.


Gods and Monsters (1998) – Prime Video

Winner of the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, the film is commanded by a great Ian McKellen who also opted for the statuette. The story is an atypical biopic of James Whale, the director of Frankenstein (1931) and his attraction to his young gardener (Fraser). It is, without a doubt, one of Fraser’s best films, although our attention is drawn by McKellen.


The Quiet American (2002) – Filmin

The Quiet American (1958) is one of Mankiewicz’s hidden gems. However, the 2002 version of Graham Greene’s novel is considered one of the best remakes in history. Possibly the highest quality film, the most delicatessen of Fraser’s filmography, it is also one of the most unknown. Together with Do Thi Hai Yen and Michael Caine, Fraser forms a dangerous love triangle in a Vietnam seeking independence from France.


The mummy (1999) – Movistar +

The adventure film that marked an entire generation. If it were that easy to repeat his sense of adventure and comedic entertainment, Tom Cruise would not have starred in one of the few big flops of his career in 2017. What Fraser and Weisz achieved has much merit and made us dream of a new Indiana Jones . He managed, in fact, a great second part but the third was the sentence for him.

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The best Brendan Fraser movies that you can watch online on HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, Filmin or Disney +