The Book, It’s the theater, beauty!

An accurate analysis of the parallels between theater and the various humanities: the book of It’s the theater, honey!

from Ciro Santisola

PORTICOS | METROPOLITAN CITY OF NAPLES – The echoes of your happy presentation of the volume are not yet extinguished Memory retireesheld last October 18 in Villa Fernandes, which Pina Scognamiglio is ready to give life to a new performance to tell us about It’s the theater, honey!

At 18.30 on Friday 18 November, in St. Maximilian Kolbe roominside the Convent of Sant’Antonioat number 74 in via dell’Università, will present the volume, a work spread over four hands with Massimiliano Mottola.

The essay, as the authors themselves explain in the preface, was born from … fervent instances of study that have had the opportunity to develop along the course of long and fruitful years of researchbut also originates from critical clarifying needs that lead us into theatrical zones, sometimes obscure but still vivid, which certainly don’t want to be tautological amplifications or extravagant extroversions.

Set like a gem in the necklace Cinema and Theaterwas published in 2021 in Naples by Kairòs Edizioni.

The professor of Italian theatrical literature at the University of Naples – Federico II Pina Scognamiglio and the publicist journalist Massimiliano Mottola explored … the genesis of some theatrical works and the affinities with others, also through the punctual imprints of each author, it is plausible that in general there can always be a more or less marked conformity between the texts. without compromising the undisputed creative genius of each one.

Their careful analysis of so many parallels will allow the reader to discover… the “consanguinity literary” between the Dialogo sopra la nobiltà by Giuseppe Parini and ‘A levella by Antonio De Curtis, aka Totò: between La lupa by Giovanni Verga and the song Bocca di rosa by Fabrizio De André; and again between “The son … and the daughter of Iorio”, untangling between plagiarism and parody of the tragedy of Gabriele D’Annunzio staged by Eduardo Scarpetta. But it will then be Eduardo De Filippo himself, a manifest shred enthusiast, who will make the reader understand how impervious the terrain so admirably traveled by the authors really is. After all, ‘A livella born 200 years after the Dialogo sopra la nobiltà seems more a tribute to Parini than a plagiarism. A sort of redemption of the “Dialogue” which, as the author claims, becomes more usable with Totò.

Friar Claudio Jorisfather guardian advocate and organizer of the event, piece of the mosaic of cultural activities promoted by the convent and by the Citra Angelica onlusin the name of the convent community, will greet those present.

After the ritual welcome greetings, introduced and moderated by Stanislaus Scognamigliothe authors will converse with the journalist Ileana Bonadies.

The reading of some pages of the volume will be taken care of by the actor Enzo Attanasio.

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The Book, It’s the theater, beauty!