The Boys season 4: cast, release date, latest news… everything you need to know about the next season

The series, a bloody satire of the world of Superheroes, is a huge success. Filming for season 4 has already started, but we will have to wait a few more months before it is released on Amazon Prime Video.

Over the seasons The Boys (adaptation of the American comic book of the same name) has established itself as one of the best series on Amazon Prime Video. It has just been joined by The Rings of Power, the new star of the American giant.

The Superheroes present in the series (aka the Supes), far from the image conveyed by Marvel or DC Comics, are for the most part psychopathic, perverse, racist, egocentric and at best terribly cowardly. They are managed by Vought International, a multinational which is responsible for marketing their image as well as possible for purely financial purposes. Faced with his rogue superheroes, The Boys, a group of a few people led by Billy Butcher (played by Karl Urban) decides to organize the resistance.

At the head of Supes we find Homelander, a particularly scary personality because in addition to his nauseous ideas coupled with a very pronounced paranoia, he is the most powerful of all (he is the equivalent of Superman) and does not hesitate to destroy all those who dare resist him. The creator of the series had also not hesitated to react when certain supporters of Trump had disguised themselves as Homelander, believing that they had understood nothing of the series.

The Boys falls under the register of the violence with high dose and the hemoglobin flows there with floods. The sex scenes are also part of it, with in particular the Herogasm (episode 6 of season 3) a sort of superhero orgy during which The Deep (superhero who communicates with fish and other aquatic animals) has a sex with an octopus. But the series does not hesitate to mix sex and gore in the same sequence. While a Supe, Termite (a thinly veiled reference to Ant-man), arouses his partner by penetrating his penis, he can’t hold back a sneeze that ends in an explosion of genitals.

The Boys season 4 release date

Filming has already started as confirmed by this tweet from Eric Kripke who is the creator of the series but also one of the writers, directors and producers.

In the photo he posted, we see the entire Boys team playing backgammon. A moment of relaxation between 2 scenes? If the timing is respected, season 4 should be broadcast next summer. Season 3 was broadcast from June 3, 2022 with the arrival of the first 3 episodes then at the rate of a new episode every week.

What we already know

At the end of season 3, Homelander is still undefeated and the leader of the Boys has only a few months to live. An electoral battle for the American presidency is also announced where Victoria Neuman (a Supe who hides her powers) is in the running for the vice-presidency following the (non-accidental) death of the originally planned candidate.

In an Instagram post, Karl Urban is seen posing in front of a Homelander poster and a “Saving America” ​​slogan. A message aimed at reassuring the population after the terror inspired by the return of Soldier Boy and the revelations of Stella leaving Vought International to join The Boys.

The cast and new characters of The Boys

From Walking Dead to The Boys

We will find almost all the actors of season 3 but some newcomers are expected and in particular Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan in the Walking Dead (character will have its own spin-off, Walking Dead: Dead City).

His role in The Boys has not been specified but given the poster already unveiled, we can assume that he will be on the side of the Boys. He is also the only one laughing on the poster, which may suggest a certain level of madness for his character.

Image 1: The Boys season 4: cast, release date, latest news… everything you need to know about the next season
The Boys team joined by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan in Walking Dead).

Homelander’s son is going to win

Ryan, Homelander’s son with Becca (Butcher’s ex-wife) is expected to grow as the actor who plays him (Cameron Crovetti) is said to be in the cast of season 4 on a regular basis. . If the last episode of season 3 is to be believed, he seems ready to switch entirely to the side of Homelander. Bad news for the Boys team because he looks very powerful even if he is still a little young to really master all his powers perfectly.

Image 2: The Boys season 4: cast, release date, latest news… everything you need to know about the next season
Ryan played by Cameron Crovetti in The Boys.

The return of Teddy Stillwell

In Season 1, Madelyn Stillwell plays the vice-president of Vought but disappears murdered by Homelander leaving behind a child also endowed with superpowers. We had not seen him since. But in Season 3, as Hughie travels to Red River, a Vought-owned institute that takes in orphaned Supes, he crosses paths with Teddy Stillwell, Madelyn’s son. This sudden reappearance may suggest that we will see the child again very soon.

Two new superheroes

Two new Supes will also make their entrance: Valorie Curry who will play Firecracker and Susan Hayward Sister Sage. We do not know more because these characters do not exist in the comics.

The spin-offs by The Boys

Gen V

A new spin-off from The Boys, whose title should be Gen V (for Varsity or University in French) should make its debut in 2023. Images taken in Canada by a “neighbor” have also hinted at one of the places shooting. We see in particular advertising posters highlighting A-Train and confirming that there are indeed links with The Boys.

the boys gen V decor

Eric Kripke serves as executive producer of Gen V. He confirms that there will be crossovers between the two programs, with issues from season 3 being integrated into the spin-off like the presidential campaign and the comeback. unexpected from Soldier Boy.

We should find the atmosphere and the very caustic tone of the series. Some will see it as a thinly veiled parody of the X-Men and the Xavier Institute.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical

First spin-off to see the light of day The Boys Presents: Diabolical is an 8-part animated anthology series. Each episode is independent of the others but all are located in the universe of The Boys.

The Boys season 4: cast, release date, latest news… everything you need to know about the next season