The celebrities were revealed during the opening of Halloween Horror Nights

This Thursday, several representative entertainment figures walked the usual red carpet for the opening of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and although the endless heat wave felt in Southern California complicated things more than expected, the cloudy sky that greeted us meant that the reporters, located for several hours in an open-air area, did not have such a bad time.

In fact, once the tour of the stars began, after 6 in the afternoon, the atmosphere was relatively cool, which allowed us to chat with several of the celebrities present, starting with Jaime Camil, who was obviously bombarded with questions related to his participation in the new Netflix series “El Rey, Vicente Fernández”, which will premiere on Netflix on September 14 and has the approval of the deceased idol’s family.

To be in tune with the theme of the evening, we asked the actor and singer if he had felt any kind of fear having to play such a legendary character as “El Charro de Huentitán”. “Fear, never; you face it with emotion, with enthusiasm, with happiness and desire, but never with fear, because fear closes psychological doors that you do not even know if they are going to close, ”he emphasized.

“A character in this category must be faced with professionalism, with preparation and completely away from imitation, caricature and parody,” he added. “You have to make it human, and in that sense, it was necessary for the four Vicentes that appear, at different stages of their lives, to connect with the public from an artistic interpretation.”

Camil acknowledged the challenges he faced having to record new versions of the songs popularized by “Chente” with his own voice. “Vicente’s voice has no one, nor can anyone sound like him; So, as an actor, I tried to get a little closer to his style, and I think we succeeded, ”he stated.

After bluntly rejecting a question from us about the inevitable comparisons that will be made with the performance of Pablo Montero, who has just appeared in an unauthorized version of Fernández’s life, Camil referred to the accident suffered by Eugenio Derbez. “Poor; we love him very much, and I hope he gets better soon,” he said. “It hurts me a lot, because he is a very loved and very successful person. whenever something happens to you [malo] someone you admire hits you.”

Jhonny Caz, one of the main members of Grupo Firme, also passed us by, who arrived accompanied by his boyfriend Jonathan Bencomo and who has not exactly had a terrifying year, as evidenced by the impressive success he has enjoyed alongside his group, the which had two sellouts at SoFi Stadium during the most recent Memorial Day weekend.

“They have been months of great happiness, many blessings, of great abundance, thanks to God and the love of the people,” acknowledged the vocalist, without being able to remember the number of concerts already done throughout a tour that began in March and that will end in December. “Many of them have been sold outs, which means that people have liked what we are doing, as they are now liking our new duet with Camilo. [llamado ‘Alaska’]”.

Jhonny Caz was present.

(Raúl Roa/Los Angeles Times)

Caz assured that he was very nervous at the prospect of entering the labyrinths of Horror Nights, because he is an extremely fearful person, despite the fact that he loves emotions and adrenaline. “But I do like vampire movies; I could even tell you that I am a fan of Dracula, ”he admitted.

Finally, the singer confirmed that he is already living with Benmoco, but that the wedding will have to wait a bit “because it has to be a good party.” And he concluded by saying that he has felt a clear decrease in the usual homophobia in the regional genre. “I have never experienced discrimination, but love and support; I am very grateful to this genre for everything it has given me and for giving me the opportunity to make the visibility of the community grow”, he stated.

Mario Domm, leader of the pop group Camila, said that horror is his favorite genre and that he particularly likes its soundtracks. “I have even worked with Roque Baños, who made the music [del ‘remake’] from ‘Evil Dead’, because those kind of textures seem very interesting to me”, he told us. “We collaborated with him on our penultimate album.”

After finishing a 100-show tour with Sin Bandera that ended two weeks ago, Domm is focused on recording his new album, which should be released between January and February 2023. “It will come with all kinds of music; I am composing different things that will not necessarily be urban, but different”, he advanced.

Actor Miguel Cazarez Mora from "The Black Phone"

Miguel Cazarez Mora, from “The Black Phone”.

(Raúl Roa/Los Angeles Times)

Outside of the most recognizable names in the Latin world, we were fortunate to be able to talk with Miguel Cazarez Mora, the 15-year-old teenager who amazed half the world with his role in the celebrated film “The Black Phone,” where he played Robin, a rough but sensitive neighborhood boy who continued to protect the protagonist Finney -a supposedly weak boy who was kidnapped by the villain The Grabber- despite having already become one of the victims of the sinister character.

“Many of my followers are Latino, and the character of Robin was very cool, because he is a good person, but he is also very intense,” said the young man, who was born in Phoenix, Arizona, as a result of the union of a Mexican couple. “This was my first movie, and when I made it, I was very excited, but also very nervous, because it was a big project and I didn’t know what to expect.”

As Scott Derrickson, the director of “The Black Phone”, told us a few weeks ago in a video interview that you can see here, the character of Robin was inspired by a Hispanic boy that the same filmmaker met when he was a teenager. “I heard about it, and although we didn’t talk much about it, I found it interesting to play someone based on a real human being,” our interviewee stated.

Although he was only 14 when he filmed “The Black Phone,” Cazarez said he loves horror movies. “If I want to feel really scared, I watch one of ‘The Conjuring’; but my favorite has to be ‘Halloween,’ because Michael Myers is a classic,” he stated.

Producer Jason Blum, left, actor Jamie Lee Curtis, "Halloween Ends," center, and producer James Wan

Jason Blum, Jamie Lee Curtis and James Wan walk the runway on opening night.

(Raúl Roa/Los Angeles Times)

Continuing on the same theme, we got statements from Jason Blum, the famous producer of “The Black Phone” and “Freaky”, two recent films that appear united in the same maze in the current edition of Horror Nights. “I like the idea of ​​doing a combo like that, of giving the fans more than they expect,” the executive told us. “I have advised the development and approved what is presented, but the real brain of this is John Murdy [el director creativo del evento]in whom I put all my trust.

When we told him that “The Black Phone” was already one of the best horror movies of 2022, Blum corrected us, saying that it was “the best of the year”. “Scott Derrickson is a great artist; I am very happy that people have been able to see the result of his excellent work in a movie theater, and that they can now see a live version of the same story, ”he commented.

On the other hand, we had the opportunity to meet Daniela Nieves, a nice actress who was born in Venezuela but came to Miami when she was only four months old, and who is one of the protagonists of “Vampire Academy”, the series that will premiere on the 15 in September in Peacock and is based on American author Richelle Mead’s sweeping bestseller series.

“I started doing soap operas, like ‘Elcara de Analía’ and ‘Una maid en Manhattan’, and in ‘Vampire Academy’, I play a girl who lives with her best friend in a classist and corrupt society of vampires of different races”, detailed the South American. “It’s a very interesting story, with many political aspects, which talks about the changes that need to be made in real society.”

Despite being an American production, the show was recorded in Spain, in order to take advantage of the existence of castles that became authentic locations. “We were in Pamplona for eight months, and we didn’t need any ‘green screen,’” said Nieves. “There are a lot of expectations from the fans, and I am very excited about what is going to happen.”

The celebrities were revealed during the opening of Halloween Horror Nights