“The character of Pocholo now belongs to the people” | Duty

November 7, 2022, 4:00 AM

November 7, 2022, 4:00 AM

His first name is Guery Sandoval Del Carpio, but on the streets and on the boards he is better known as “Pocholo”. He made his debut in 1995 in Tra la la Show and since that first time it’s been 27 years in acting for which he has earned the affection of adults and children. Guery is happily married, as he says, to his “husband” also an actress Marianella Molina Travesi, who comes from a family of artists and can be said to be one of the best in the country. Both are parents of Camila and Belén, who, according to him, will follow in their parents’ footsteps.

The actor says that he is very close to leaving his native Llajta with the aim of coming to live in Santa Cruz, since he is part of the cast of Show de Mier here, and he is falling in love with the locals. To this is added that he is teaching theater classes for all ages, so very soon we will see “Pocholo” already officially installed in the city.

-What is your secret? to stay current?

The passion to do what you love. Knowing that it is a privilege to be on stage and belong to it, makes me enjoy acting, now much more than at the beginning.

Is it as fun in real life as it is on stage?

I leave them to those who know me more closely.

-You come from a family of artists, do your daughters follow in your footsteps?

Both are at the Instituto Laredo, an artists’ college, where we were lucky enough to study with Marianella. In a natural and spontaneous way they are doing music and theater, they already have a stage since they were very young, let’s see what attracts them later.

– Does it bother you that wherever you go they make you tell jokes or personify Pocholo?

It doesn’t bother me, there is always the character of Pocholo before me in many situations, it’s part of the matter, and it’s not something I was looking for, I ended up embodying a character that people adopt as part of everyday life.

The word “Pocholo” entered our urban language, it is a norm of use, it is something that people say to each other and I hear it on the street and I realize that the character belongs to the people now, I enjoy it when it happens, I could not have been so. I was lucky that Cecilia Travesi (director of Tra la la) gave me the script.

-What similarities do Guery and Pocholo have?

The daily cultural load is in me, the unconscious of the character, because the scripts are things that I saw in a society that is said to be matriarchal and at the same time sexist, so it is a parody and satire of reality.

-The humorist is born or is it done on the way?

I believe that every artist is first born and then made.

-Where does the inspiration for your shows come from?

From the street, from my environment and even from everyday life.

-What is your favorite place to create?

My favorite places when creating are my studio and the garden, inspiration is born there.

-Do you have any cabal or ritual before going out to do your shows?

The chain of energy that we create between the team of artists and technicians that make up the show, which aims to bring our spirit to the most essential state, the one that makes us worthy of stepping on the stage. And we shout like all fellow artists Mucha Mie…..

-Are we coming to live in Santa Cruz?

My stay is getting longer and longer, I am very happy these months here, we will see what the future holds for us, suddenly I am in love with this beautiful eastern land.

-How about the cast of Show de Mier?

The best, a team of top-level artists with a proposal and production that is at the forefront of theatrical performance, with Adolfo Mier Rivas, Sergio Mier in the artistic baton and Roberto Mier at the steering wheel of the production, of which I am proud. competitor.

-Are you aware that when you appear on stage the audience gets excited?

Yes, it is exciting to feel that there are people who have come to see you, and it is a responsibility to make them leave happy. It is a constant challenge.

– Now with unemployment and locks will there be material to create?

For a while, I’m sure we’ll add to it and subtract from it too, so we can laugh too and ease tensions.

-What projects are they coming?

I am with an activity of sharing my experiences, teaching the basic tools of acting, in acting and theater workshops with people of all ages.

“The character of Pocholo now belongs to the people” | Duty