The Comedy Group returns with “Don Ramón left us”

30|10|22 1:38 p.m.

After two years, the Tres Arroyos Musical Theater and Comedy Group returns to the scene with a humorous one-act play “Don Ramón left us”, written and directed by Juan Carlos Caruso.

Although these last two years were very hard for the group since, after frustrated attempts to hold classes through virtuality, there was no continuity, this year the actors and actresses returned with great enthusiasm to bring new characters to life.

The synopsis of the work raises an unknown. “It’s a total humorous comedy. It’s called ‘Se nos fue don Ramón’… there’s no telling what might have happened to don Ramón, they’ll find out when they go to see the play. Everyone will imagine”, assured the director and creator Juan Carlos Caruso in an interview with this medium.

The work is made up of different scenes in which various characters will pass by who “are entering and a few have re-entry in the second part. These characters are very characteristic, they identify themselves socially. They are very funny, each one has sequences of healthy humor, ”he assured.

“We do not take characters from reality, it does not have political connotations, it is rather to relax. I wrote it and did all the staging, and I can’t stop laughing. The ending is so hilarious. We had a lot of fun doing it. I know the full text of what they are going to say, but I can’t stop laughing because it is such an overwhelming reality that it shows that one imagines what he is telling, one sees the event,” said the director, who was very satisfied with the end result.

The objective of this work is not so much to move the public, but to relax it from the current situation. “I think that the viewer at this time has a great need to laugh and to forget a little about all the reality in which we are living, both political and economic and social,” added Caruso.

He described his creation as “simplistic, but at the same time in some things there are educational dialogues. The things that teach the public from two crude characters who do not do it with the function of educating, but rather tell certain situations. It has a content, it’s not that it’s all a parody”.


The Theater group used to do other types of characters and plays, perhaps with a more dramatic tint. “There were many characters that had to be added to the comic because we have always made characters a little more serious in general. They had to work on the current vocabulary and also on being comical, without relying on the coarse”, said Andrea Tolosa, a member and collaborator of the group.

“There are those out there that cost more, others less, but always with the motto that this group has, which is that everything can be done. So with some we had to work a little more and thank God everything has come to fruition, all the characters are fine. Even all wanting to do a little more, for sure, ”he pointed out.

In that sense, Juan Carlos believed that “humor seems easy when you work it that way, for example with rude words or the grotesque that causes laughter, which is also a humor that you have to have an acting skill to do. We have no interest in entering that situation, I believe that a theater can be made that does not hurt anyone, where you can have a good time both with the actors and with the public that sees you”.

And he added: “If the public has fun like us, that’s it, the message is achieved to have a good time and leave happy.”


Although the virtual class period was short, it served to keep the group together and to relax and meet in the context of the strict quarantine that the country was experiencing. “We implemented it as a game because we built our character with what we had and that generated a back and forth. Obviously, people ended up getting bored of virtuality, which happened in the artistic part in general. But it helped us to laugh among ourselves and do other kinds of things that cannot be done in person,” Andrea said.

With the return of this year they decided to do a different show since it is a large group of more than 20 people. “Written works do not have paper for everyone. The idea was to do something different, in current times, which is where this work is set. Some time ago I had it and I was putting it together and even rearming it in certain situations,” said Caruso.

These changes were given to income or expenses of group members. “We started with a work in April and if we see it now it is something totally different,” added Tolosa.


“Don Ramón left us” will premiere next Friday and will have a second showing on Saturday. Both days the appointment will be at 9:00 p.m. at the Spanish Club, Hipólito Yrigoyen 468.

Tickets can now be purchased in advance at a value of 1,000 pesos at the institution’s secretariat from Monday to Friday from 5 to 7 pm, or by calling 2983603806.

The Comedy Group returns with “Don Ramón left us”