The corner of curiosities: Cinema

Cinema, the seventh art, is imaginary, vision, storytelling and entertainment, documentary reconstruction and work of fantasy, a place of sedimentation of dreams but also the seat of historical memory. (Carla Di Donato)

Star Wars (1977) is the famous film of the director George Lucas. The Italian title translated the English expression Star wars and started a film saga. The films in the series, set in a fictional galaxy, won ten Academy Awards and continue to be seen and reviewed by children, teens and adults.

The actor multimedia, the showman Vittorio Gassman he was one of the most important figures of the Italian twentieth century stage and cinema art. Some notable films of his career have been The usual unknown (1958), directed by Mario Monicelli, Overtaking (1962, together with French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, directed by director Dino Risi, The Brancaleone army (1966) by Mario Monicelli.

The accountant Ugo Fantozzia comic character who immediately became popular, like Totò, following a successful film saga, was conceived by Paolo Villaggio with its own phrasebook used by many young people. In the second film appeared the ferocious parody of the episode of the slating de The battleship Potemkin by Ejsenštein.

In the famous film The seventh seal of the director Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) in the minds and souls of many spectators, not just cinephiles, the famous scene of the game of chess with death has remained imprinted. Director Margareth von Trotta dedicated a documentary to the great master of world cinema.

Dario Argento he is one of the best known and most loved Italian directors in the world, the undisputed master of the genre horror. A cinema, according to the director, made of nightmares, dreams, visions, where the gray reality never arrives and never will. His appreciated cinema has attracted attention to the public for its visionary power, for the search for an aesthetic dimension through excess, for the paradox generated by the gaze of the protagonist of the story that often collides with that of the spectator, both dazzled by a “staging” that deceives, that makes you dream or precipitate a hallucinatory dimension, when you believe you can dominate reality.

Sergio Leonea great Roman director, made seven films, with his friend Ennio Moricone, author of memorable music and ingenious ideas (such as the whistle or the carillon that marks the border between life and death in the mythical triello of The good, the bad and the ugly). He was an author of western films who most of all broke the mold, to create something new and unique, becoming a stylistic point of reference for contemporary filmmakers from all over the world. Who does not remember the famous phrase from the movie scene For a bunch of dollars: «When a man with a gun meets a man with a gun, the one with the gun is a dead man… Ramon’s heart, his heart…». is an independent newspaper that does not receive any public funding. If you like our work and want to help us in our mission you can offer us a coffee by making a donation, we will be extremely grateful.


The corner of curiosities: Cinema