The creative fiasco of Rings of Power: the worst series of the year

The Rings of Power must be one of the flops of the year. An unsuccessful, crappy, and rather minor addendum to the work of JRR Tolkien.

It’s hard to look at her without feeling sorry for the performances, especially hers. Her main problem lies in an insolvent casting of unknown figures. She can’t stand the comparison to Peter Jackson’s trilogy

It also loses out in the competition with House of The Dragon, superior in its epic tone, in its narrative capacity, in its design of effects, in its staging. For example, with every gaze from Lady Galadriel, the credibility plummets, seemingly like a soap opera.

The rest of the cast doesn’t help either, because they started saving from there, which shows and takes its toll on the management. The merit of Jackson’s trilogy lies, among other virtues, in its powerful cast of performers: Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Cate Blanchett, etc.

In Rings of Power you miss someone who really knows how to act with method, grace and charisma. One star, at least, to refresh the screen. It is not the case.

Then, the direction of Bayona is a disaster of misuse of the green screen, of static shots that give cringe (the one of the boat, for God’s sake), of plastic scenery and stiff actions, giving way to a demode and kitsch epic, whose Imposed images are a cliché.

A pity that Rings of Power has fallen into such clumsy hands to convey convincing ideas. Not to mention the very long explanatory intro, the predictability of the story, the insistence on adapting a soft and Manichaean story with an air of solemnity and importance.

The disaster is of such magnitude that for a moment, I thought it was a joke or an involuntary joke. It sounds like an evangelical parody of Cecil B. Demille, without the humor of Mel Brooks. In reality, Amazon has failed, wanting to outshine Netflix and HBO in its feud.

Luckily I won’t have to watch the other chapters, to know that “Rings Of Power” doesn’t work, and that it is equivalent to the worst period cinema that has circulated since time immemorial. What Truffaut called qualité cinema of wigs and rococo sets.

Here we have the replica of the millennium, manufactured as a digital churro by Jeff Bezos, who had better keep his other businesses perfected, because generating content like this does not take life.

It will still end up as a mass event, as a by-product for fans that is condescendingly consumed, turning off the critical sense.

Blame the fashion of serializing everything, again, because of the speculation that exists with the culture of nostalgia, which is the fear of growing up.

Rings of Power locks us in the vicious circle of a virtual diorama, lacking originality and expressive identity.

I recommend unsubscribing and revisiting Peter Jackson’s wonderful trilogy, of which “Rings of Power” is a grimace, an expensive and ostentatious imitation, without effectiveness and consistency.

The photograph of «Rings of Power» sins of advertising, by illuminating everything in a flat way. Suddenly his message, of ethnocentric and monarchical reinforcement, is outdated, as much as his pedestrian Manichaeism and the opportunism of getting on the bus of inclusive updating.

Things like that, claim the achievement of Andy Serkis, characterizing Gollum.

From when the book is better than the series, but by far!

The arrogance of Jeff Bezos, to emulate and surpass the success of his predecessors, was left in one of the audiovisual bankruptcies of 2022.

The creative fiasco of Rings of Power: the worst series of the year – Latin Observer