The Fancine is filled with wild nature to warn of the ‘fear environment’

Manuel López Mestanza, Elsa Marina Álvarez, Tecla Lumbreras and Fernando Leguina, at the presentation. / Miguel Fernandez

The UMA contest will raise the environmental flag from its inauguration on Wednesday 9 with the rapper Spok Sponha and will exhibit the latest from Balagueró, Carlos Vermut and Park Chan-wook

Francisco Grinan

It’s been a few days that it’s cloudy. Gray or haze brown. But not a drop falls. On the terraces it is in glory, although the drought threatens that so much good weather will choke us. That contradictory spirit will also preside over the Fancine of the University of Malaga (UMA), which starts on November 9 with a double ration of catastrophes, monsters, infections and wild nature inspired by the fantastic and terrifying effects of climate change to alert us of what they have baptized as ‘fear environment’. The inaugural film itself already points to disasters with ‘The visitor from the future’, in which François Descraques takes us to a dystopian future after an ecological disaster. This title will be followed by more than 80 science fiction and horror productions that will be screened at the Albéniz and the Rectorate, including an official section with an overdose of cult Spanish cinema, with the latest by Jaume Balagueró, ‘Venus’, and Carlos Vermut, ‘Manticore’, and Paul Urkijo’s feature debut, ‘Irati’, as well as the new by South Korean Park Chan-wook, ‘Decision to Leave’.

True to the tone of humor that has presided over since its inception -there are now 32 editions- this event devoted to terror, the vice-rector for Culture, Tecla Lumbreras, recalled this Thursday at the presentation of the Fantastic Film Festival of the UMA the episode of the haze from a few months ago when Malaga looked like “a ‘Mad Max’ movie”, so this edition “we bet everything on green and joined the environmental cause”. Dressed in a hopeful tone for the occasion and with earrings made from recycled sheets, Lumbreras pointed out that the programming is based “on the phrase ‘reality is stranger than fiction’ to dedicate this birthday to nature in its most voracious aspect”, although with an optimistic message: “It is not too late. You can still. Let’s put ourselves on the side of the Earth from the seats of the Albéniz cinema». A message to which the collaborators and sponsors present there have joined, the delegate of Culture of the Diputación, Manuel López; the deputy director of the General Foundation of the UMA, Elsa Marina Álvarez, and the director of Education and Youth of the City Council, Fernando Leguina.

The Fancine will celebrate a closing party on November 17 at the Invisible House to support the claim of this group that the City Council wants to evict

Opening November 3

Rap and humor with Spok Sponge

The inaugural gala this year will have as master of ceremonies Adrián Maldonado, better known as Spok Sponha, rapper, composer, cartoonist and humorous dubber who will lead the Fancine inaugural gala, in which the commitment of young environmentalists such as activists will be honored Greta Thunberg and Francisco Vera -the latter was going to attend but a problem with the visa prevents him from traveling to Malaga from Colombia-. The tip of the opening gala will be the projection of the French film ‘The visitor from the future’, which tells the story of a time traveler who comes to the present to find Alice, whose father is building a nuclear power plant, responsible for the coming catastrophe.

official section

Spanish cinema, disasters, wars and haunted houses

The 9,000-euro prize for best film will face tough competition this year with ten titles in competition, including the aforementioned films by Balagueró, Vermut, Urkijo and Chan-wook. In addition, the ‘fear environment’ is also in the title section with ‘We Might As Well Be Dead’, the debut of the Russian-German Natalia Sinelnikova, who portrays the paranoid fear of nature, and ‘Vesper’ (Belgium, Lithuania and France) , co-directed by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper about a future after the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem. Completing the list are ‘Sick of Myself’ (Norway), Kristoffer Borgli’s debut feature; ‘Flux Gourmet’ (USA), a gastronomic madness by director Peter Strickland; ‘The Lair’ (Great Britain), a war film by Neil Marshall, and ‘Incredible but true’ (France), with which a regular at the festival, Quentin Dupieux, revisits clichés about haunted houses from a comedy point of view. The jury for this edition will be made up of Malaga-born director Macarena Astorga (‘The House of the Snail’), director Alberto Evangelio (‘Visitor’) and the director of the Méliès Federation of European Fantastic Film Festivals, Chris Oosterom.

parallel sections

From the crudest horror to the fantastic for all audiences

In the climatic change of the 32 Fancine there will be forecasts that go from extreme horror to fantastic for all audiences. The Information Section will host the premiere in Spain of titles such as the risky ‘Popran’, the turbulent ‘Sanctuary’ and the terrifying ‘Hypochondriac’, as well as the disturbing film starring Tim Roth ‘Resurrection’. With ‘Horror Zone’ will come five years of productions marked by viscera, gore and radical terror, such as ‘All Jacked Up and Full of Worms’, ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ or ‘Sissy’, recently awarded in Sitges. For its part, among the animation proposals of Ánima Zone, stand out ‘Unicorn Wars’, which will bring its award-winning director, Alberto Vázquez, to Malaga, and the Japanese series ‘Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown’.

The combination of action, suspense and science fiction will be the star of the parallel series Fanzriller, which includes a couple of frenetic Asian proposals, ‘Emergency Declaration’ and ‘Hunt’, as well as the Latin films ‘Jezebel’ and ‘La Jauría’, and the Ali Abbasi’s new project, ‘Holy Spider’, which returns to the Malaga festival after winning in 2018 with ‘Border’. Lastly, the little ones will also have the traditional Fantástico en Familia, which will hold its morning sessions in the Assembly Hall of the Rectorate of the UMA, with free admission, with the premiere of ‘Sing a Bit of Harmony’, with a storytelling show prior to the pass


More Spanish cinema with Eduardo Casanova

In addition to the national films in the official section, the parallel program also includes titles that will hit theaters in the near future. This is the case of the new film by actor Eduardo Casanova who, after premiering his directorial debut, ‘Pieles’, at the Malaga Festival years ago, is now screening ‘La piedad’ at the Fancine, starring Ángela Molina , Macarena Gómez and Ana Polvorosa. For its part, the Fantástico Local section will give visibility to the collective of young creators from Malaga, Samcreta, who will present their second film, ‘Olimpo, Andalucía’.

Parallel activities

From drawing comics to concert soundtracks

There is no edition without complementary activities, which this year will have their headquarters in the Cultural Container of the Teatinos campus. The Fancine K-Pop contest, a comic book character creation workshop by the cartoonist Salva Espín or the Orina group concert will take place there. In addition, the auditorium of the Faculty of Informatics and Telecommunications will be the stage on November 11 for the traditional concert of soundtracks by the Provincial Symphony Orchestra, which this year will be conducted by maestro Miguel Romea and will perform the scores of the films ‘Interstellar’, ‘Wall-e’, ‘The Valley of the Wind’, ‘Son of Men’ and ‘Mad Max’, the Diputación Culture delegate, Manuel López, has advanced.

Closing November 17

Paco Clavel and party at the Invisible House

On Thursday, November 17, the closing ceremony will take place with an award ceremony at the Albéniz cinema, which recovers Paco Clavel as master of ceremonies. For the screening, the Frenchman Quentin Dupieux will repeat – this year they can already name him a prodigal son – with a parody of superhero movies, ‘Fumar provokes cough’ (‘Fumer Fait Tousser’), while after the cinephilia a closing party will be organized in the Invisible House, a celebration with which Fancine and the University of Malaga itself want to support the activities of this citizen cultural center, from which the City Council -sponsor of the contest- is demanding its eviction. A space that, according to Vice Chancellor Tecla Lumbreras, is a “recycled” property due to the programming developed there by the association that manages it and that requests the definitive transfer of this municipal property on Calle Nosquera.


From 3 euros per film to the 20 euro bonus

Tickets have already gone on sale and can be purchased at a single price of 3 euros through the Uniticket channel and at the Albéniz box office. Those who are sure that they are going to have a fantastic feast can also purchase a voucher redeemable for ten films at a price of 20 euros (two euros per film). Some functions, such as the morning sessions at the Rector’s Office on the weekend, are free by invitation.

The Fancine is filled with wild nature to warn of the ‘fear environment’