“The green perfume”: should we refrain from going to see Nicolas Pariser’s latest film?

The film presented by Jérôme Garcin

The film begins like a classic thriller. The scene of the crime, the prestigious Salle Richelieu of the Comédie-Française, an actor is poisoned, dies in full performance. Martin (Vincent Lacoste) who belongs to the troupe, witnessed the murder. Just as he leaves, he is kidnapped and then freed by a mysterious far-right organization, the Green Perfume. Once released, he is chased by the police, of whom he is the number one suspect. In his flight through Europe which will lead him to Budapest, he is helped by a comic strip artist, Claire (Sandrine Kiberlain). The thriller turns into parody, even comedy in a tone that would like to marry Hergé and Hitchcock against the backdrop of fascism and anti-Semitism, which seems like a lot to me for a single film.

Sophie Avon hails “a little cinematic gem”

The journalist from South West particularly liked the way in which the filmmaker was able to balance the sense of adventure, entertainment, comedy with, in an underlying way, this context of a Europe haunted by the Shoah: “The film manages to associate the sense of comedy and the feeling of anxiety. There is a balance between the mechanics itself and then the truth of the characters, in particular this very eccentric couple who at the same time always remain credible. She plays the role of the man and he the role of the woman since in a certain way Vincent Lacoste is always on the verge of fainting, he is the one who cooks, she has a captain’s jacket. There is a use of somewhat outdated codes, there is a whole game based on that.

Above all, what I find very beautiful is that the film shows very well how the world around us is revealed by fiction, by the imagination, even by magic. It is a film which is never pedantic, but which is very rich”.

For Pierre Murat “it’s a total failure”

Yet the film critic of Telerama likes Nicolas Pariser very much, who this time signs a film whose construction is much less intelligent and operative than his previous films: arrange at least to make a slightly rhythmic, whimsical and funny film. There, it’s absolutely sinister, dull, with a starched, very heavy staging. There, our character arrives in Nuremberg, he vanishes in shots who leave from all sides so that we understand… And in case we had not yet understood enough, he insists in the dialogue. No, it’s a total failure”.

Despite a very good start, Xavier Leherpeur disappointed by a film that completely lacks rhythm

More measured, the journalist of the magazine 7th obsession is disappointed by a Nicolas Pariser who failed to build his film well, mainly in terms of rhythm and efficiency of the references: “If it starts well, with references that work rather well, therefore an absolutely dashing, funny first part, Well, the end is endless.Nicolas Pariser, however erudite, can no longer manage it at all, especially for everything that happens around comic illusion.

The ending scene is endless. We are obliged to have a final twist in which we absolutely do not believe in order to conclude the film at full speed. He tries to inject rhythm with a Mozart symphony. There is an overflow in the assembly. It’s a shame, the film is constantly falling apart even though it’s a super talented guy with a three-star cast here. Unfortunately, it’s a disappointment.”

For Michel Ciment “the film ends up getting totally bogged down”

The journalist from Positive also has great admiration for Nicolas Pariser, whom he has always considered a very promising filmmaker since “The Big Game” and “Alice and the Mayor”, but whom he also considers ineffective this time: “Certainly, there is this pastiche with Hitchcock and Hergé in reference, but I wonder if he was the man to lead this kind of cinematic treatment, to give a light and sparkling treatment, especially since the whole second part is overloaded with historical gravity, and the film ends up getting completely bogged down”.

The film

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“The green perfume”: should we refrain from going to see Nicolas Pariser’s latest film?