The incredible bet of two French people behind the Rocky Balboa concert

The world premiere of Rocky Story will take place at the Zenith in Paris on November 8. Sponsored by Franck Gastambide, this concert will bring together the original composers and singers ofeye of the tiger, Burning Heart and other hits from the saga rocky.

If Canal + organizes a week dedicated to the saga Rocky Balboa from September 3 to 8 with the broadcast of six Sylvester Stallone films, this owes nothing to chance. The channel is close to the boxing world and one of its directors Franck Gastambide (Valid) is an absolute fan of the character of Rocky Balboa. Two months later at the Zénith de Paris under the sponsorship of Franck Gastambide and the French Boxing Federation, the world premiere of Rocky Storya two-hour concert where the twenty key titles of the soundtrack of the saga composed by Bill Conti and Vince DICola will be played.

On paper, the 6700 fans who will have paid their ticket between 46 and 56 euros should be treated with small onions. “It’s extraordinary that such a concert takes place first in France,the hits of the Rocky saga have never been played in concert», exclaims Alex Champagnac, 35, absolute fan and collector of everything related to Sylvester Stallone. Comedian by trade, he was even congratulated by the American star for his video Rocky Champagnac on Youtube, a parody of Rocky Balboa’s race in Rocky I where the camera films iconic locations in Philadelphia. “I did the same thing but at home in Cantal», tells our fan. And to return to the concert of November 8: “You’ll see, it’s going to be great. A tsunami. Stallone has over 300,000 fans in France and many will come dressed as Rocky with the hat, the boxer outfit. He inspired us all. Thanks to him, we know that we can go to the end of our dreams.

The concert poster Rocky Story

For his greatest joy, Alain Dorval who doubled the actor in all his films will be present. The symphony orchestra conducted by Jean-Jacques Justafré will continue and the spectators will see the original singers come specially from the United States. 69-year-old Dave Bickler will take over eye of the tiger (Rocky III) and Burning Heart (Rocky IV)composer Vince DiCola will take over Training Montage(Rocky IV) and heart on fire (Rocky IV) with songwriter and vocalist Joe Esposito. Robert Teppler 68 years old will sing No easy way out (Rocky IV ). Mel Gaynor, the drummer on the soundtrack Rocky IV and Jamiroquai bassist Nick Fyffe will play throughout the evening with the orchestra. Jean Beauvoir who sang feel the heat on Cobra, an action film by Sylvester Stallone (outside the Rocky saga, editor’s note) is also showing, as is Amy Keys, Johnny Hallyday’s favorite backing vocalist.

The idea for this unique concert did not come from Sylvester Stallone, nor from MGM, which manages the rights to the Rocky saga from Los Angeles, but from two French people. Philippe Rosato is a specialist in the security of major concerts in France such as those of Kiss and ZZTop. Stephan DeReine is a music producer and works between California and France for Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande. “We met at Hellfest in Clisson in Loire-Atlantique in 2019, says Philippe Rosato. And we teamed up to put on this concert. With the pandemic, it took a year of work. We had to contact MGM, the composers, the singers, the actors… It takes time because the contracts have gone back and forth between Paris and the United States. The rights of the concept are registered. For now, the idea is to put on a unique concert in Paris. »

During this great mass rocky, viewers could also see some actors in the saga. In addition to Talia Shire, who plays Rocky Balboa’s wife Adrian, the production is in contact with the Swedish Dolph Lundgren (the Russian boxer Drago in Rocky IV), American wrestler Hulk Hogan (Rocky III) or Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed in Rocky I, II, III and IV). Discussions are also underway with Sylvester Stallone. At the beginning of November, the American star should be in Paris to promote a film. With a little good will, he could make a leap to the Zenith…

The incredible bet of two French people behind the Rocky Balboa concert