The Jackal and Breaking Italy: the forays of creators into politics

The creators make a foray into politics: what The Jackal and Breaking Italy say

After the politicians who make a foray on social media, even the creators, who were born on social networks, also make a foray into politics: Alessandro Masala of Breaking Italy offers his followers a “guide to voting”, while The Jackal shoot a video against the abstention (and against Giorgia Meloni), throwing her on irony.

What Masala says

Not really fasting on political topics (or at least close to politics), Masala warns all those who follow him that they vote “for the next 5 years” and that in this period of time “there are many things that can change”. That we have already voted in 2018 and that “parties join forces with each other” leading to governments that are also distant from popular expressions. Just think of the alliance between M5S and Lega and then the alliance between M5S and Pd ..

Masala, in his long explanation (the video lasts about 27 minutes) immediately says “non super partes”, adding: “I am a Europeanist, I am an Atlanticist and I am very progressive”. Then he presents the programs of the big parties, also talking about the “weaknesses” of the alliances that are presented in the elections on 25 September. On the Third Pole, in particular, he affirms that the alliance “is weak”, born because “Renzi would not have crossed the threshold of the barrier, while Calenda had problems with the symbol and risked not appearing in the elections”.

In short, a guide (full of comments, but the thing was declared), for those who have yet to decide what to vote for.

Who is Alessandro Masala

Cagliaritano, born in 1984, Alessandro Masala, is one of the most followed and loved communicators in Italy. His Breaking Italy program is very popular and on Youtube alone it counts 758,000.

Graduated from the scientific high school, he abandoned political science and hotel management (he worked in five-star hotels in Milan and Rome). He writes for Daily fact.

The Jackel Raid

All to laugh, at least until shortly before the end of the video, instead the political incursion of The Jackal. “We know that deciding what to eat is the second most important decision you will have to make in the next 15 days. But if you don’t vote anything, everything is fine ”, write The Jackal against abstention in the next 25 September vote. And in the end that “everything” is identified with Giorgia Meloni (look at the melons on the pizza).

As if to say, vote otherwise who will go will be Giorgia Meloni and you will not have the right to reply. An unbiased video, if it weren’t for the conclusion.

Who are The Jackal

The Jackal are a comedy group born in Naples in 2005, born in Naples in 2005, by the will of Francesco Ebbasta, Ciro Priello, Simone Ruzzo and Alfredo Felco. The name of the group in English means “the jackal” and is inspired by the title of the 1997 film The Jackal directed by Michael Caton-Jones. Over the years they have expanded their team with internal figures in editing roles, Nicola Verre and Mario Rotili, production, Maria Chiara De Gregorio and Annachiara de Filippis, and authors with Alessandro Grespan.

In 2011 they made their debut as actors in the Lost in Google web series, directed by Francesco Ebbasta and produced by themselves, but they achieved popularity in 2014 with a series of video-parody of Gomorra,

During 2016, Gianluca Colucci, aka “Fru” joined the group and in November 2017 they made their debut in the cinema with the feature film AFMV – Addio fottuti musi verdi. In 2019 the actresses Claudia Napolitano and Aurora Leone also join the cast. In 2020 they lead Tanto I didn’t come out the same on Rai Play.


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The Jackal and Breaking Italy: the forays of creators into politics