The Local Police of Malaga congratulates Christmas with a short starring the thief ‘Santa Climbing’

The new short film that the Local Police of Malaga has published this year to congratulate the Christmas holidays is starring ‘Santa Climber’, a “picturesque thief” who carries out his misdeeds disguised as Santa Claus with the aim of “impersonating the popular climbing Santa Claus doll”.

After the trilogy of Christmas greetings that the Local Police began at Christmas 2018/2019, “last year it was based on a nice parody of the popular American series ‘Breaking Bad’They have recalled from the police through a statement. In this fifth Christmas short film, ‘Santa Climber’ carries out an escape through different streets of Malaga in which the Soho area becomes important, as well as having the background of the city’s lighting.

Thus, its activity takes place through Ancha del Carmen, Cuarteles, Puente de la Misericordia, Alameda Principal, Casas de Campos, Tomás Heredia, Plaza de la Marina and Calle Marqués de Larios, “where the lighting show accompanies an extravagant finale in the local police in Malaga put an end to the peculiar chase of our anti-hero”.

Throughout the plot the use of the new technologiessuch as mobile phones, social networks or the metaverse, which although “allow us to get closer to those who are far away, they also isolate us to a great extent from our closest environment, including our loved ones,” they added.


From the police force they have highlighted the participation of municipal organizations such as Canal Málaga, EMT, Limasam or Málaga Film Office, in addition to thanking the collaboration of the Teatro Soho Caixabank and the photographer and localizer from Málaga Bosco Martín. In addition, the actors who play leading roles are pLocal police officers from Malaga or their relativeshighlighting the work of José Antonio Montero as ‘Santa Climber’ or the interpretations of María Corpas as a ‘tiktoker’ girl.

They have also underlined the role of grandparents Antonio Escano Y Salvador Villalba and the roles of EMT bus driver, Limasam employee and Soho Theater worker, played by Iñaki Llavero, Miguel Ramírez and David Muñoz, respectively. For his part, Salvador Badillo has played the role of ‘guardian of the Metaverse’, which completes his fourth performance in short Christmas greetings from the Local Police of Malaga, or the interpretations of Lorena Espinosa and Rafael Codes as local police officers who persecute ‘ Santa Climbing’, among other agents.

On the other hand, the recording has been carried out in 4K digital cinema format, with a mixture of anamorphic and spherical lenses, by the local police officers who make up the Audiovisual Group of the Local Police of Malaga, David Gutiérrez and Félix Pérez. They have also been in charge of making and editing the short. Likewise, “the decalogue of good environmental practices in audiovisual production has been complied with in order to achieve a more sustainable production model”.

The Local Police of Malaga congratulates Christmas with a short starring the thief ‘Santa Climbing’