The Marvel and DC superheroes they were inspired to create ‘The Boys’

It is difficult to compete with the great productions of Netflix and HBO, but Amazon managed it in Prime Video thanks to TheBoysone of the most popular series on the internet and social networks.

TheBoys is a superhero series based on the comic of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which tells the story of a group of humans seeking to fight superpowered individuals that they abuse their powers and aren’t really that concerned about the good of the world.

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This story, in addition to presenting various criticisms against today’s society, is also a parody of several of the most famous superheroes of so you will surely find several similar ones.

To celebrate the end of the third season that will be released this July 8we tell you which are the Marvel and DC Comics superheroes used by the creators of TheBoys to create your characters.


Homelander, played by Antony Starr, is not only the main villain of the story, but he is the most powerful superhero in The Boys universe.

His direct resemblance would be Superman, as the two share many superpowers, including the ability to fly, heat vision (the lasers he fires from his eyes), super strength, X-ray vision, and is virtually invincible.

The clothing is also similar, with a blue suit and cape, although Homelander instead of using the big “S” of Superman, uses patriotic elements of the United States.

Queen Maeve/Wonder Woman

Both Maeve (played by Dominique McElligott) and Wonder Woman have mythological origins (Wonder Woman inspired by Greek mythology and Maeve by a great Irish warrior).

In addition to wearing similar clothes (with different colors), both use a mythical sword as their main weapon and both are the ethical compass in both groups of superheroes.

The Deep/ Aquaman

This is one of the most obvious comparisons, as both superheroes have the ability to communicate with marine life and use it as their ally in battle.

However, The Deep, who in the series is played by Chace Crawford, is practically the ridiculed version of Aquaman, since in The Boys he is constantly mocked for his powers (and love of octopuses).



Starlight, who is played by Erin Moriarty, resembles Stargirl from DC Comics, both physically and in her attitude.

Both are seen as American role models and have no problem revealing their real identities. The only difference is that Stargirl needs a staff to fly and use her powers, while Starlight emanates them from her body.


Soldier Boy/ Captain America

Soldier Boy, Jensen Ackles’ character who came to The Boys in season three, is pretty much an evil copy of Captain America.

Both superheroes fought in World War II, they have the ability to not age, they have super strength and, most obviously, they use an indestructible shield to fight.


A-Train/The Flash

This is another of the more obvious comparisons, since A-Train (played by Jessie T. Usher in the series) has the same power as Flash: super speed.

In order to effectively use their special power, both heroes have an advanced metabolism that allows them not to burn themselves out while running, although both must be constantly eating to recover all the calories they burn.



Although he’s a minor character (haha, got it?), Termite, played by Brett Geddes, is taking all his inspiration from Ant-Man.

Both characters have the ability to change their size, although Termite gives us the perfect example of what would happen if Ant-Man led a life full of excess.


Stormfront/Thor and Shazam

Stormfront, the heroine played by Aya Cash, is very similar to two characters: both Thor from Marvel and Shazam from DC Comics.

She is capable of flight, throws lightning, and has super strength, just like both characters from the comic companies. However, in the series you will find that her appearance has nothing to do with her true personality.


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The Marvel and DC superheroes they were inspired to create ‘The Boys’