The most surreal and emotional announcements of the Christmas Lottery

There are unmistakable signs that Christmas is here: nougats are already in supermarkets, there are stores that already sell Christmas decorations, Mariah Carey and her All I want for Christmas is you begin to come out of their lethargy and has already been submitted the announcement of the Christmas Lottery for this 2022 that, like every year, will offer a “very distributed” Gordo, which will touch “working people” and serve to “cover holes”.

The Lottery announcement has already become, in its own right, one more element of Christmas or the previous one, since since November it begins to be broadcast on television. An expected element that transcends the concept of an advertisement, since it has been transformed into an audiovisual story, usually with a script and an invoice, and even a duration, more typical of a short film than a television spot, but always with the Lottery as the common thread of that story.

And those ads, some more emotional and others more spectacular, remain in the retina and in the memory of viewers. Who does not remember, for example, those starring the one known as “the bald man from the Lottery” or that of Raphael and Montserrat Caballé?

Let’s start with the latter, entitled put your dreams to play. Although it seems very recent, it already has its years. at christmas of 2013, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado decided to bring in prestigious singers known to all to star in the ad. The idea was good; the director, Pablo Berger (who won 10 Goyas with Snow White), too, and the casting, in principle, came out: David Bustamante, Marta Sánchez, Niña Pastori, Raphael and Montserrat Caballé. But the strange gestures and faces shown by these last two veteran singers (the soprano passed away in 2018) became meme and parody meat because for many people what they conveyed was a gloomy image.

For its part, “the bald man from the Lottery” starred in advertisements without interruption between 1998 and 2005 becoming a classic. The funny thing is that he was neither bald (he shaved his head for script issues) nor was he Spanish, but a British native of Trinidad and Tobago named Clive Arrindell.

It debuted in 1998 and from then on it was part of eight Christmases accompanied by the unmistakable soundtrack music Doctor Zhivago and the slogan Every Christmas your dreams play the Lottery. may luck be with you. All of them in black and white and always with the gesture of Arrindell blowing numbers.

The British actor said goodbye to this saga in 2005 after having had a lot to do with the increase in popularity of the Extraordinary Draw on December 22, which during those years experienced a notable upturn in sales.

“The bald man” left but he didn’t do it forever. In the announcement of 2020 he could be seen fleetingly on a television screen within an emotional story marked, how could it be otherwise, by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown suffered, and with the slogan Share as usual. Share like never before.

Very moving was also the argument of 2014in which a man meets in the neighborhood bar with his neighbors, all of them graced with a tenth of the Gordo except him, which I had not bought. The slogan was The greatest prize is to share it and the ad, directed by filmmaker Santiago Zannou, ended with a surprise.

Three years earlier, in 2011the protagonists were the Children of San Ildefonsowho starred the dream factoryin which they kept in soap bubbles the dreams of people who played the lottery. If you dream…, lotterieswas the slogan.

Also Alejandro Amenábar was encouraged to direct an advertisement. It was in 2017was called Daniellelasted no less than 20 minutes (summarized in 3:30 for television) and narrated the love story between a young man and an alien and focused on hope.

Lottery ads have also saved room for animation. It is well remembered (and was the most awarded in history) that of 2015. Justin and the mannequin factory, the first animated Lottery advertisement since 1982, It focused on a security guard who was rewarded for his kindness towards his colleagues despite the fact that he did not agree with them when he worked the night shift. As in previous years, the key concept was sharing and the slogan continued to be The greatest prize is to share it.

And last year the announcement approached Navarrese lands and chose the Baztan Valley as the setting, with the streets of Elizondo and Irurita as protagonists. There, a story took place, condensed into a minute and a half of video, in which the inhabitants of a town were anonymously giving away a tenth that finally turned out to be the winner of the draw.

The most surreal and emotional announcements of the Christmas Lottery