The most violent comic: ‘The Authority’ will come to the cinema as one of James Gunn’s new projects at DC

James Gunn It has turned the DC universe upside down. The director and creative, along with peter safran, announced yesterday a ton of movies and seriesamong which new deliveries of batmannew tapes Superman under a new approach and without Henry Cavillas well as placing order in the crazy chronology of the DC Cinematic Universe. While many question the cancellation of Batgirl either Wonder Woman 3Gunn jumps into the pool with the adaptation to the cinema of The Authorityone of the best known works of Warren Ellis. What is it about and why is it so important?

what’s up The Authority? A story of anti-heroes and superheroes that will put the DC Universe in check

Warren Ellis, author of Extremis, Planetary or Transmetropolitandecided on 1999join Bryan Hitch in posting The Authority, a story that tells us how a team of superheroes comes together trying to solve any problem or threat regardless of the means used to do so and regardless of the costs or moral implications of their actions. Ellis had already played with this set of heroes of different fur, but now they were the protagonists of his own story. The team was initially made up of Jenny Sparks, Jack Hawksmoor, Swift, Apollo, Midnighter, The Engineer and the Doctor, a set of profiles that receive in the pages of the comic a adult, mature and gray visionestablishing itself in a stark violence rarely seen in comics.


The story covered very interesting topics, some related in Kingdom Come either Watchmanthrowing up very complex and harsh scenarios about what would happen if the most powerful group of heroes on the planet decides not to submit to government controls and operate on their own, being judges and executioners of what they consider dangerous or evil. In The Authority we were told, with intelligence and detail, how these anti-heroes they decide to always take the least idealistic approach to save the worldan aspect that James Gunn wants to enhance so that it serves as a counterpoint to the Superman movie that he is also preparing.

These heroes believe that saving the world is not easy and decide to take the dirtiest paths for it.

“It’s not just a story of heroes and villains, and not all movies and TV shows are going to be about good guys versus bad guys,” Gunn explained. “There are people who are very questionable, like The Authoritywho basically believe that you can’t fix the world the easy way, and decide to get their hands dirty for it”, adds the creative. Its scriptwriter and the release date of the film are unknown, although it can be expected that it will be particularly different and violent, going along a similar line to that of The Boys.


A reconstruction of superheroes: The Authority questions the world of DC

In The Authority everything is questioned. From what is right or wrong for the universe and to what extent its protagonist heroes, often selfish and with dubious morals, can unleash their powers in the pursuit of a greater good without paying attention to the consequences. Sometimes they have good intentions, other times they don’t. His actions are reprehensible and applaudable, in a narrative game that led readers to applaud the work of Hitch and Ellis at this stage -replaced by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely in a later sequel without much polish-. A smart aspect is that Ellis was never very expeditious or explanatory in the motivations of the characters, he always left the reader the double game of interpretation., generating even more controversy in the portrait of these characters and superheroes. It was a story that featured LGBT members in the cast, the constant breaking of genre clichés and unprecedented situations, which reflected a social and political reality -that of the turn of the millennium- that suited comics like a glove.

Comic Authority

While not quite blatant in his analogies, Ellis plays with DC icons and characters in his group, his Apollo is a sort of Superman and Midnighter is a bit of a parody of Batman, leading to clashes – and frictions. – are more than guaranteed, showing us which path these comic book figures could have followed in a world with very different rules of the game than usual. Later, when the Wildstorm publisher was absorbed by DC -publisher indie that saw the birth of this comic and that involved the adventure of Jim Lee in alternative publications – the Authority found itself in the same universe as the iconic heroes cited above, battling the Son of Krypton in one of the team’s skits and in a series regular run by Grant Morrisonwhat firm Superman and Authorityin which they ended up being considered something like ‘the anti Justice League’ for all. The Authority It has no release date, not even a creative team or associated actors and actresses.but we know what to be one of James Gunn’s most important personal projects and an example of the studio’s new vision and direction under his tenure.

The most violent comic: ‘The Authority’ will come to the cinema as one of James Gunn’s new projects at DC