The Privilege of Mandar” returns with “Andrés Manuel

MEXICO CITY, August 2 (EL UNIVERSAL).- With a retirement in 2024 of “Andrés Manuel” and “Beatriz” at the La Chingada ranch, this Monday the new season of “El Privilegio de Mandar” began, a parody of the current Mexican politics.

Already installed in Tabasco, “Beatriz” and “Andrés Manuel” talked about “the covered ones” and how they established “the welfare games” to see who will be their successor, but less “Monreal”, in addition to the fact that “Scherer” was the first eliminated , followed by “Arturo Herrera” and “Bartlett”.

“You are going to lose, but by a Metro”, “Marcelo” said to “Claudia”.

In chapter 1 broadcast on N+, “Claudita, the girl”, “Marcelo” and “Adán Augusto, the vampire from Tabasco”, the “corcholatas” of “Andrés Manuel”, attended a meeting at the National Palace where they did not see “floor even” heading to 2024.

Because he does not know how to speak English and that is why he signed the T-MEC, “Andrés Manuel” accused that a gringo wants to “take him to Biden” so they invoked the spirit of Madero… but Chico Che appeared.

“But why didn’t Madero come?” “Andrés Manuel” asked Chico Che.

-He came by Metro, but got stuck in Pino Suárez, responded the spirit of the Tabasco politician, who recommended responding “Oh, what a fear” to the gringos.

Already installed in the morning, with the presence of “paleros” and showing off “Franciscan poverty”, “Andrés Manuel” recalled his trip to Washington, where Biden met, with whom he spoke for less than three hours and with whom he slept.

Without knowing how to read, “Liz” answered “the lies” of Eugenio Derbez about the Mayan Train.

“Gatell, Gatell, get the bug out of me and play with it,” asked “Andrés Manuel” to pray in the face of a new coronavirus outbreak.

At a dinner with “Beatriz”, “Andrés Manuel” recalled how “Tatiana”, “Rocío” and “Bartlett” were sent “to hell”

—And the PRI members and “Anaya”…

Before the scandal of the PRI leader’s audios, who landed a piece of land “but all legal”, “Alito” and “Chong” discussed the resignation in front of the PAN “Marko” and about having more votes or more Botox? for the Va por México alliance.

A “fucking scare” took “Layda” out of “Alito” by presenting a search warrant: “Lyn May speaking to Lucía Méndez”.

From a remote cave and with the advice of “Bin Laden”, “Anaya” records a message about the “old ideas” of “Andrés Manuel”.

“Everything was better when Emilio Lozoya was hidden with us, we asked the Hunan restaurant for lunch every day, lacquered duck,” recalled the former presidential candidate.

-I’d better hide in one of Marcelo’s pipes, “Anaya” said to “Bin Laden”.

-But nobody knows where those pipes were, “Bin Laden” told him.

-That’s why, added the PAN member, who sought to hide with him Peña Nieto, Inés Gómez Mont, “El Tata” Martino and the Statue of Liberty.

Cuban doctors “Checo Pérez”, “Calderón” and “Margarita” also appeared in the first episode of the new season of “El Privilegio de Mandar”.

Actors Christian Ahumada, Arath de la Torre, Macaria, Eduardo España, Pierre Angelo, Hugo Alcántara, Fernanda Ostos, Yeka Rosales, Juan Frese, Yekaterina kyiv, Claudio Herrera and Herson Andrade participate in this season.

The Privilege of Mandar” returns with “Andrés Manuel