‘The queens of uncovering’ (VII): Azucena Hernández, the actress who fought for euthanasia

Azucena Hernández was one of the youngest actresses to succeed in the world of uncovering. She made her debut at the age of 18 and in only eight years of her career she came to shoot 23 films. Her road to stardom ended after a car accident on October 19, 1986 that left 90 percent of her body paralyzed. This made the actress decide to ask for a dignified death and publicly defend the legalization of euthanasia in Spain.

Azucena Hernandez he was coming out of adolescence when he entered the world of cinema. The young Catalan left for her memory several erotic films and comedies in the eight years that her career lasted. She always played the roles of cheerful young people and her presence on the screen conveyed a will to live. However, at a certain moment she was the first public personality to defend the right to euthanasia in the media. At a time when the subject was almost a taboo in Spanish society, the same one that had witnessed her success and her tragedy.

Born in Barcelona in 1960, Hernández entered the entertainment world by chance when, at the age of 18, she was elected Miss Barcelona, ​​representing the province in Miss Spain. This short stint in the world of modeling made the world of cinema come to her door. She made her debut in the movie Estela’s erotic vacations, one of the typical productions of Ignacio F. Iquino characterized by, under the mantle of uncovering, making movies in bad taste and a touch of machismo.

From there he began a brilliant career accompanying the comedians of the time, always scantily clad. He came to participate in 23 films between 1979 and 1986. He mostly shot with the factory Ozores in films like The masked erotic (1980) alongside Fernando Esteso, magical witches (1981) with Andrew Pajares either The pissed off Cid (1983) with angel christ. She also participated in other productions with more thug touches such as The Bromide Chronicles (1979), live bacchanal (1979) or consensus (1980), where a parody of the political situation was made. The latter carried the inevitable ‘S’ rating.

As a main character, he came to interpret the national mummy (1981) and aberrant stories (1982), where he shared the spotlight with the queen of uncovering Maria Jose Cantudo and which was filmed at the Valdelafuentes estate, owned by the family Frank.

However, his favorite genre was horror working alongside the master of the genre Paul Naschy in The carnival of the beasts (1980) or The return of the werewolf (1981). On television she participated with Mayra Gomez-Kemp and Andres Pajares in ding dong (1980) and as a stewardess in Goal… and to the World Cup 82! (1981). In this last production he put himself under the orders of Ferdinand Garcia de la Vega that he had already seen his possibilities beyond eroticism when he chose him to star in several playbacks in his Zarzuela Anthology.

The accident that changed his life

His career began to take another breath when he agreed to shoot under the orders of eloy of the church in Vallecas tobacconist (1987) and in the play Henry IV of Pirandello. At that time, he suffered the accident that changed his life. He went around the corner from the theater, on the way to Las Rozas, on October 19, 1986, caused by the rain. The actress suffered a paralysis of 90% of her body at the age of 26.

In the years immediately following, his drama was on the cover of gossip magazines and was visited by Julio Iglesias which assured him financial aid to travel to the United States and improve his situation. In addition, in February 1988 a charity festival was held in order to raise money for her, which was attended by several artists of the time.

asking for euthanasia

A year later, an interview he gave to Inaki Gabilondo in the TV program In family. In it, he claimed his right to die with dignity and that euthanasia be legalized. His intervention in this program generated a whole social debate on the matter, which, today, more than thirty years later, has been resolved with the legalization of euthanasia, although not without critical positions.

Together with Andrés Pajares in ‘Magic Witches’ (1981).

Over the years and with the improvements in his health, he encouraged his character. In addition, in 1996 he announced her wedding in the magazine Soon but the link never took place. From the Tetraplegic Hospital in Guadalajara where she lived, she occasionally went to television programs where she was interviewed, such as The Ferris wheel, where are you sweetheart?, By your side either Time to time. In the latter, talking with Shell Velascoassured that he wanted to continue living because he had found new illusions thanks to the improvement of his condition but that his fight for the legalization of euthanasia continued and he supported the environment of Ramon Sampedro. Also in gossip magazines, especially in Hello!, he appeared almost every year remembering his situation. In them she assured that the only companion of hers from her time of splendor who visited her regularly was Andres Pajares.

Azucena Hernández in an image of her last years.

In the last one he gave, he lamented the then recent death of Christopher Reve, actor who also experienced a situation similar to his to lose his mobility after a horse accident, and was excited assuring that he did not rule out falling in love again. She passed away at 59 on December 4, 2019 at Hospital de Tetraplegicos de Guadalajara.

‘The queens of uncovering’ (VII): Azucena Hernández, the actress who fought for euthanasia