The resilient story of Brendan Fraser: he is nominated for an Oscar after going through an ordeal

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, brendan fraser He was a classic Hollywood heartthrob: he was 1.91 meters tall, had a hegemonic physique, and shone in successful films such as the well-remembered parody of Tarzan, George of the jungle or the trilogy of The Mummy.

brendan fraser george of the jungle
Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle

Then his knack for casting successful roles wasn’t so good and he acted in increasingly insubstantial films that made him the proposal to play Superman fell, role that ended up in the hands of Henry Cavill.

brendan fraser the mummy
Brendan Fraser in The Mummy

Without saying too much Brendan was disappearing from the public eye and on the screen and it was only news when he was captured by some paparazzi, where his clear physical deterioration. While only he knew the hell he went through in those years.

just in 2016 reappeared on the small screen, embodying a dark prison guard, in The Affair, the series starring Dominic West and Ruth Wilson. The hbo production qwhich could then be seen by Netflix captured the audience, which saw in its third season a Brendan Fraser unrecognizable that, some time later, he would reveal that he felt lost in the press presentations that he had to witness, after years of silence and solitude.

The harsh revelation of Brendan Fraser

In 2018, the actor gave a revealing interview in which he told whatto deep depression that he suffered for years, after being hit by a specific event in 2003.

Fraser detailed how Philip Perk, a Hollywood powerhouse, He approached him at the hotel and with his left hand first grabbed one of his buttocks and then used one of his fingers to touch the area between his testicles and anus.

The actor confessed that at that moment he was seized by panic and that his reaction was to take Berk’s hand away and leave the hotel without speaking to anyone. “It made me feel sick. I felt like a kid with a lump in my throat. I thought I was going to cry”, explained the interpreter, who He acknowledged that he was afraid to tell what happened at that time because of the public’s reaction and to prevent it from marking his career. The actor went home, terrified, and there he told his wife, but decided not to press charges against Berk.

He only managed, at that moment and through his representative, to send a letter denouncing the fact, demanding an apology and a penalty for the abuser. And, although an unofficial investigation was launched to clarify the episode, Berk received no punishment. What’s more: two years later he would be named president of the Foreign Press in Hollywoodthe association that was in charge of organizing the Golden Globes.

Given the seriousness of the event and the little support he received, Fraser began to walk away from the industry. Without receiving much support, the actor had to overcome it, at the time, however he could.

His personal life was not a bed of roses either.

Fraser met afton smithwho would be his wife in 1993, at a party held at the house of Winona Ryder. Five years later they married and had three children: Griffin, Holden and Leland. But, after 9 years of marriage, they announced their separation and what seemed to be on good terms, turned into a legal battle.

afton smith and brendan fraser
Afton Smith, the ex-wife of Brendan Fraser

At that time, his ex-wife got USD 900,000 annually for spousal pension and child support, at a rate of USD 75,000 per month. But in 2013 Fraser requested a reduction in the amount before a Connecticut court since she could not afford it. According to what he argued before the judge, his income from him did not exceed three million dollars, and although he spent USD 112,000 on his representatives, he hardly got jobs. In addition, he assured that she spent USD 87,000 on treatments to alleviate the consequences of her “filming injuries.”

brendan fraser his ex-wife and their children
Brendan Fraser with his ex-wife and their children

However, the problem did not end there for Fraser. Smith then retaliated by accusing her ex-husband of “fraud.” for supposedly hiding $9 million in new movie contracts when they settled their divorce in February 2009.

Brendan Fraser #MeToo Brendan Fraser

Already in 2018, taking advantage of the interest aroused by the #MeToo motivation, Fraser gave an interview to GQ in which he revealed what had happened to him years ago.

brendan fraser
Brendan Fraser promoting “Looney Tunes” a few years back. Photo: Photonews

Berk himself recounted the incident in his autobiography (With Signs and Wonders) where he indicated that the episode had been a joke.

brendan fraser
Brendan Fraser at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards. Photo: Fotonoticias

Not so for Fraser who, from that moment on, was emotionally affected, causing him to withdraw, take refuge in food and isolate himself completely, as detailed in the note.

brendan fraser
At the presentation of “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” in Madrid. Photo: Photonews

In 2021, Perk would be expelled from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, after sharing an article describing the anti-racism movement Black Lives Matter as a “racist hate group.”

Payback time: a moving speech and the Oscar nomination

A few days ago, Brendan Fraser’s story returned to the front pages, when he took the stage to receive the Critics Choice Award for his performance in The Whale, where, through tears, he made reference to his tough life story and How could he get over it all?

Brendan Fraser.
Brendan Fraser. Photo: Photonews

“I was in the desert and I probably should have left a trail of breadcrumbs, but you found me”, the actor told Darren Aronofsky, who returned him to top-level cinema after many years lost on television and films without impact. What’s more, Fraser believes that the director showed him the way. “You just showed me where to go to get where I needed to be”.

Brendan Fraser at the premiere of "The Whale"in September 2022, Venice Film Festival.
Brendan Fraser at the presentation of “The Whale” in September 2022, Venice Film Festival. Photo: Photonews

And he continued, between tears and making everyone emotional: “If, like Charlie, the character I play, you somehow struggle with obesity or feel like you’re in a dark sea, I want you to know that if you can have the strength to get up and go to the light, good things will happen.”said in relation to the role for which this Tuesday he received the nomination for Best Leading Actor at oscar award 2023.

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The resilient story of Brendan Fraser: he is nominated for an Oscar after going through an ordeal