The “ridiculous” of Toni Cantó covering the song from ‘La abeja Maya’: “It’s ashamed of others”

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Already before the premiere of his first program, when some scenes went viral, to toni sang criticism rained down. After he passed through the Spanish Office, signing his public affiliation to the third party where he had militatedthe also actor has launched to present his own show on 7NN. It’s about a late night which is broadcast on Saturday nights and whose last chapter leaves us with a controversial version of the tune of maya the bee by the presenter.

He sang, in the style of the rest of the presenters who host similar spaces, open with Tony doing a monologue that pretends to be humorous, hitting it hard especially on the left and the coalition government. In this past Saturday He began by criticizing Sánchez with his particular jokes and continued commenting on the interview they have done with Tenoch Huerta in The worldtitled “the first Hispanic and left-wing Marvel superhero.”

They also highlighted a phrase in quotation marks in which the actor who plays Namor ―mutant and descendant of the Mayan culture― in Black Panter: Wakanda Forever He says that it would not hurt “for Spain to apologize for its past in America.” “The Mayan Superhero, Ma’am”continued Cantó to make fun of it, citing some tweets on the subject before starting off covering the song by the mythical children’s series of the seventies.

“Has peaked”

“The Mayan superhero eats the children, extracts the heart from their little bodies. Always with good intentions – he is from the left –. Maya, maya, sacrifice humans for fun “. At the end, as if that had not been enough, she concluded by saying” how nice, how cute. He’s on the left, he does communist things. He collects skulls, like Pol Pot”. The fragment of the program has begun to be shared on Twitter until it went viral:

It has caused a wave of mockery at Toni Cantó, as usually happens, coming from known and anonymous profiles:

One of the acquaintances has been the spokesman for Unidas Podemos in the Congress of Deputies, Paul Echeniquemaking fun of the fact that Cantó presented himself at one point as a minister and a champion of “democratic regeneration” in his time in Ciudadanos:

From the Cantó program they have answered him with one of his best-known videos:

“Thanks for the diffusion, Pablo”, they have replied with irony.

The “ridiculous” of Toni Cantó covering the song from ‘La abeja Maya’: “It’s ashamed of others”