The Rocky Horror Show Says Goodbye; January 4, 5 and 6 will be its last performances

CDMXJANUARY, 2023. This 2023 the show with music, extravagant costumes and intelligent humor dialogues, The Rocky Horror Show, will close its season with 3 last functions at the Nuevo Teatro Silvia Pinal from January 4 to January 6, 2023 at 8:30 p.m.

It was in the year 1973 when The Rocky Horror Show was seen for the first time, at the Royal Court Theater in London, during the month of June. The work written by a then unemployed actor Richard 0’Brien, speaks very naturally about sexuality, freedom, cross-dressing and transsexuality; among other topics, which today continue to polarize opinions in our 21st century society.

“The issues that are touched on there are addressed with absolute freedom, and that seems to me to be very important for a society like ours, which needs to remind us that these issues should be something very natural. Today’s society needs to have fun, have a good time and also need to take something to think about and this play has it all. It’s a parody of sci-fi, B-rated movies of yesteryear, but it has rock and roll, comedy and moments to reflect,” said director Rafa Maza.

In Mexico, it was Julissa who was in charge of translating and adapting the show for the first time in 1976 and after its success and shock in the public, the producer returned it a decade later at the Fru Fru theater.

The script has a new adaptation so that it could be made interactive as it is done in the London and United States productions and it becomes more of an experience, which is something that current generations are also looking for, who want to feel immersed in the work. To please the generation before, because we also have all this retro wave and we are also going to please the fans, because we are respecting iconic things from the work and the movie, that people look for by tradition,” he also assured. actor.

Previously, the information had been handled that this work was being staged under the advice of Julissa, however, its director assures that only the corresponding rights were paid to him and the very famous, Baile del Sapo, which was born from this work and that later it gained enormous popularity due to the interpretation of the Timbiriche group. “The truth is that I love and admire Julissa, I worked with her for a long time, but now in reality we asked her and she authorized us with due payment, her translation of the frog dance, because we think that her version is going to make her sing to the people and they in turn will want to stop to dance and it is not the same if they sing another lyric than if they sing the one that everyone knows,” Maza clarified.

Rafael Maza assures that this work is being revolutionary, not only because of its new proposal, but also because of the way in which it is taking shape since rehearsals: “A large part of making this work started from the idea of ​​doing things with another environment of work, always since we started this project, the line that governed us was that we only have cool people, we said so from the beginning, that we all be on the same channel, we do it for the enjoyment and for the joy of doing, for the passion that characterizes us theatergoers to do it and we looked not only for the best but for a cast that really had a special vibe and that’s how we are enjoying all the rehearsals Very rarely is there a company with the vision that the star is the work, not a person, there are no egos, we are all working so that the story is told and people have a spectacular time”.

Remember that from January 4, 2023 to January 6, 2023 will be when this show with 20 actors on stage, live musicians, costume changes, scenery and lighting, will have its grand closing to the public at the Silvia Pinal Theater in the City of Mexico located in the 27 Versailles Street in the Juárez neighborhood of the Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office at 8:30 p.m.

The main cast is made up of: Beto Torres as Frankenfurter, Gerardo González as the narrator, Gloria Aura as Janet, Moi Araiza as Brad, Juan Fonsalido as Riff, Mari Filippini as Magenta, Ceci Arias as Columbia and Marce Carraro as Rocky.

The creative part is in charge of: Rafael Maza and Jaime Calpe in the production, Rafa Maza in the translation and adaptation stage direction, Mario Cabuto in the Musical Direction, Hugo Robles in the Vocal direction, Hugo Curcumelis in the choreography, translation and adaptation of Julissa’s Toad dance, Emilio Zurita in the set design, Emilio Rebollar as costume designer, Miguel Pérez Cuesta in charge of lighting design.

Tickets for The Rocky Horror Show can be purchased through the Ticketmaster website and at the Silvia Pinal Theater box office, prices range from 300 to 900 pesos.

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The Rocky Horror Show Says Goodbye; January 4, 5 and 6 will be its last performances