The series that premiere this weekend

Race to success image. / Netflix

The last days of August arrive with an assortment of productions for all tastes

Maria Gardo

The last weekend of August is rainy. To take shelter from the storms and rest before going back to work, digital platforms serve up a new repertoire of series premieres.

The end of ‘See’ and the premiere of ‘Carrera al success’ are some of the novelties. But there is more and for all tastes:



‘See’, third season

Starring Jason Momoa, the eight-episode third season will mark the end of the series and premieres with the first episode this Friday the 26th, followed by a new weekly episode every Friday.

The fiction speaks of a distant future, where a virus decimates humanity. Those who survived were blinded. Jason Momoa plays Baba Voss, the father of twins born with the mythical ability to see, and must protect his tribe from a powerful but desperate queen who believes sight is witchcraft.



‘Race to Success’

Netflix bets this Friday on the series ‘Race to Success’. Ingrid Yun, a first-generation Korean-American (the first lawyer in her family), faces many challenges as she strives to make a name for herself at Parsons Valentine, a prestigious but old-fashioned law firm. With the help of her friends, she overcomes work challenges in her struggle to break through the glass ceiling and become a partner. Will there be room for love between so much impetus and ambition?

The Georgia Lee-created production stars Arden Cho, Bradley Gibson, Alexandra Turshen, Rob Heaps, Matthew Rauch, Nolan Gerard Funk, Dominic Sherwood and Roby Attal.

This Danish drama that deals with modern relationships and new forms of love has arrived this Thursday on AMC+. It focuses on the relationship between Maiken and Jacob, whose relationship has stalled. With a semi-detached house and a baby in the pipeline they have entered adult life and the passion has almost completely disappeared. Everything takes a turn when Ida enters her life. She is Norwegian, beautiful and seductive and manages to boost the relationship between Maiken and Jacob.



‘Ollie’s Odyssey’

This new production joins the growing list of Netflix adaptations. This time it is about William Joyce’s children’s book ‘Ollie’s Odyssey’ that serves as the inspiration for this series of adventures for children about a lost toy who faces the many dangers of childhood as he travels the countryside looking for whoever lost him. lost.

This moving story dedicated to the child in all of us has been under the supervision of the producers of ‘Stranger Things’.



‘Perni’, second season

Filmin premieres the second season of this dramatic series starring a social worker who must deal with various personal problems: her sister has died and her nephew now lives with her; her father just came out of the closet; Her ex is unpresentable and she hasn’t had sex for five years…

Disney + incorporates this comic series from the 90s starring a humanized family of dinosaurs whose plots make up a parody of the average society of the United States.

The series joins other great revivals on the platform such as ‘The Golden Girls’, ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Me and the World’.

The series that premiere this weekend