The Simpsons, in the Halloween Special a tribute to Death Note. VIDEO

In the Thirty-third edition of “La Paura fa Novanta” a segment inspired by the Japanese animation masterpiece will be included. And we will see Lisa, Marge and Homer as we’ve never seen them before…

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Halloween is approaching and with it, inevitable, the Simpsons horror special. The episode Treehouse of Horror XXXIII (Fear makes ninety in Italian) will be broadcast in the United States on FOX on October 30 and inside it will have what appears to be a little jewel of animation, a highly anticipated mash up of styles, genres and cultures: the parody of death Note.

The first previews

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Some photos and a short clip are already available on social networks, which you can see embedded at the bottom of this article. In the video, Lisa walks down the street among continuous signs of the carnivorous culture that surrounds her, she reflects to herself how close the human race is still missing to mark its end by dint of exploiting and killing livestock (“The human race is at 20 farts of cow away from its complete extinction and we deserve it”), when, suddenly, a full-bodied and heavy black volume with Death Tome written on it falls in front of her. The notebook empowers its owner to decide who should die and how they should die.


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So far the plot, which will certainly sound familiar and evocative to those in the know death Note and The Simpsons. An interesting mash-up in the starting point, that of transforming Lisa into a judge of humanity and in fact transforming her into a potential eco-terrorist. But what steals the eye are drawings and animation, which distort the Simpsons by transporting them to the East, in a perfect anime version.


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The secret is soon revealed: the South Korean studio DR Movie worked on the episode (The Animatrix, Justice League, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Batman (The Animated Series), Teen Titans and especially, death Note) which boasts a long experience of consulting and supporting Western and Eastern manufacturers. The special episode will also include two other segments: a tribute to Babadook starring Marge and a parody of Westworld.

The Simpsons, in the Halloween Special a tribute to Death Note. VIDEO