The story of Rowan Atkinson, the comedian who became famous for Mr. Bean, a character who did not speak

Comedian Rowan Atkinson he built a good part of his prolific career hand in hand with a character who practically did not emit words. After the successful experience of Charles Chaplin in the early days of silent movies, Mr. Bean became a Show reference for the British public and, subsequently, his fame spread worldwide. The actor, with a long career in television and film, turns 58 years old.

atkinson born on January 6, 1955 in county Durham, city of England. He found his vocation at the university at the hands of an apprentice screenwriter. It happens that the writer, who suffered from stuttering since he was young, came across an advertisement in the newspaper of the house of studies -he received his engineering degree there- that offered to carry out a theatrical magazine. With fear on his back, the Englishman decided to take a step forward.

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The outstanding performer found his vocation at the hands of a screenwriter apprentice. (Photo: AP)

After a series of works, among which stood out the benign king Y the mad kingboth driven by Richard CurtisRowan Atkinson had his first appearance in the big leagues at the Edinburgh Festival in 1977. A year later, he was tempted by the production of the BBC Not the Nine O’Clock News and received an International Award from the Academy of Great Britain.

Rowan Atkinson: the character who became a legend

In any case, his participation as a writer and protagonist in the black viper made it take all the flashes. In the framework of his passage through The Tall Guycreated the character mr bean, the one who catapulted him to stardom. He is a man with somewhat childish gestures, that he usually communicates through mimicry and that, as a main characteristic, he is usually clumsy.

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That curious personality led him to be part of various adventures that were captured in fourteen episodes. In addition, the character motorized an animated strip, which was broadcast throughout the Old Continent and in South America; and two feature films, beans (1997) and Mr. Bean’s Holidays (2007). However, the comedian would explain that his great creation would have an expiration date.

“I have always considered him as a figure without age, without time. To be honest, I don’t want him to get old, and if I keep playing him, then he’s going to get longer than he already is.. That will happen whether we like it or not. Therefore, I would like to remember him as he was five or ten years ago, but perhaps I could return to him one day, ”said the interpreter in 2011. From that moment, I would never play that role again.

The character had a series and two movies (Photo: Twitter OfficialMrBean)
The character had a series and two movies (Photo: Twitter OfficialMrBean)For: Photo: Twitter @OfficialMrBean

The comedian, in turn, He was the ideologue of a film that functioned as a parody of films that combine action and espionagelike James Bond. Johnny English He is an inept agent from the British Secret Services and is forced to replace the rest of the uniformed men when an attack occurs. The film, which was released in 2003, had a sequel in 2011, in which the spy is forced to return to the ring after a call from MI7.

In 2001, all those roles in which he was immersed came true: on an expedition in Kenya with his wife, Sunetra, and their children Ben and Lily, the pilot of the plane that was carrying them fainted and Atkinson had no better idea than to take the controls of the vehicle to avoid certain death. After a few seconds, the driver woke up and everyone escaped unharmed. A true hero on and off the set.

The story of Rowan Atkinson, the comedian who became famous for Mr. Bean, a character who did not speak