The Theater meets…’, the review directed by Pino Strabioli at the Off Theater and the Audaci Theater

Bringing the theater outside the city center is the aim of the exhibition curated by ‘Alt Academy Produzioni’, ‘Theater meets…‘, scheduled until December 23 with a series of performances at the Teatro 7 Off (via Monte Senario, 81 A), and the Teatro degli Audaci (via Giuseppe De Santis, 29).

Directed by Pino Strabioliwas the winner of the public notice of the Ministry of Culture and the metropolitan city of Rome Capital “Live show outside the center”.

The show hosts big names in show business: Monica Guerritore, Alessandro Benvenuti, Sandra Milo, Syria, Orsetta De Rossi, Sabrina Knaflitz, Tiziana Foschi, Lidia Vitale, Simona Patitucci, Valentina Martino Ghiglia, Emilio Celata, Marcello Fiorini, Company of actors and technicians, Company La Bilancia, Company Teatro Verde, Tam Tam Morola, Bhumika Dance Company and Pino Strabioli himself.

The program is varied and includes theatre, music and dance performances. Among the shows on the calendar, tomorrow – December 20 – on stage “La Vacanza” at the Teatro 7 Off with Pino Strabioli, Orsetta De Rossi, Sabrina Knaflitz and Marcello Fiorini.

It is an unexpected space where three adrift souls tell each other and lay bare. The meeting takes place in a cemetery where two women and a man go to find their “angels”: the children for the two women, the partner for the man. Three lives broken by an abandonment that made them empty and repetitive.

always tomorrow, “Panico ma rosa – diary of suspended time” is also staged by and with Alessandro Benvenuti at the Teatro degli Audaci. 59 diary pages that recount the mandatory isolation of an actor-author who, deprived of his natural habitat, the stage, decides to get out of his proverbial reluctance and tell himself publicly for the first time, with disarming sincerity as a person.

Continue to Theater 7 Off the December 21st with “If I had to sing you… a tribute to Roberto Lerici” directed by Toni Fornari with Simona Patitucci, Valentina Martino Ghiglia, Domenico Sessa, Luca Ferrero and Carlo Bianchi. We want to celebrate Roberto Lerici one of the most interesting authors of the Italian theatrical and cultural panorama on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of his death.

It is then noted on stage at Theater of the Bold the December 21 “Make another face” by and with Tiziana Foschi directed by Antonio Pisu. Faces that amplify themselves on stage, become grotesque just to elicit a laugh, and in the audience everyone recognizes the neighbor, the newsagent, the office colleague, the mother-in-law, but never himself. It’s the age-old game of parody: turning people into characters and everyday situations into what’s worth telling.

Pino Strabioli: “We intend to embrace the largest possible portion of the public”

With our programming – explains the artistic director Pino Strabioli, in the photo taken from ‘The holiday’ – we intend to embrace the largest possible portion of the public, from children to those who love prose theatre, from those who want to attend a concert to those interested in social issues, from those who believe in the power and importance of memory to those who love multiculturalism”.

All shows will be free to enter with reservations required

For info and reservations: 06.4070056 –


The Theater meets…’, the review directed by Pino Strabioli at the Off Theater and the Audaci Theater