The unbelievable but true story of Jeremy Renner’s app and his unstoppable descent into madness

We are used to having an app for everything: social networks, knowing if it is going to rain, bank accounts, streaming services, games, music, podcasts and even work tools. What you have probably never considered (for obvious reasons) is have one of your favorite actor. Well, in 2017 it was not so clear, and Jeremy Renner thought it was a good idea to hear his fans around the world throwing an own application… With micropayments and a ranking of the biggest fans. If you’ve never heard of Jeremy Renner Official, get ready for the ride of a lifetime into madness with no return ticket.

If all your friends have an app…

In 2014 the world of apps was exploding: everyone wanted their own app. And EscapeX, a newly founded start-up, knew how to find the keys to convince celebrities to open their own, probably without knowing what they were signing up for. The first to bite were Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin, but from 2017 the list grew and grew: Marc Anthony, Yandel, Amber Rose, everyone wanted to be part of this trend. Including, of course, Jeremy Renner.

Imagine for a moment that you download the “Jeremy Renner Official” app: what would you expect to find in it? Videos of his movies? A little about his trajectory, perhaps? Photos of the actor? Nothing of that: the app was a kind of social network focused exclusively on the actor (and singer: as soon as you opened it you could see a music video of hers), in which uploaded photos with captions like “Mood” or “Happy Rennsday” and fans could enthusiastically comment. The most fans could even leave their favorite photos of the actor, fanart or talk about the latest news about him in a section specifically dedicated to it.


The problem was this: if you are a celebrity who only has ten minutes a day to interact with your fans, How do you know which ones really deserve your attention? EscapeX, after turning around, was clear: a micropayment system had to be installed. Basically if you paid you got stars that qualified you in a fan ranking, your comments appeared as highlights, you had access to Renner’s own secret posts and you could even participate in contests to get to know him. Spoiler alert: gone wrong.

According to EscapeX sources, The app managed to monetize $35,000 per month in April 2019. And you may be wondering who would pay to have their comments featured on a Jeremy Renner app… but this is just the tip of the iceberg.


There is a madman on the Internet

Already in 2017, a small group of Renner fans began to criticize the actor, accusing him of censorship in comments and rigging contests. Phrases like “Your app is like a totalitarian regime” or “You need to apologize to all your fans” began to become more popular in what was otherwise a kind of paradise of cute comments and good vibes.

You have read “rigging the contests”, and it is worth stopping here, because Renner promised many things to his followers that he did not quite fulfill. For example, the possibility of seeing him in person on the set of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, in Atlanta. But not only was the award rumored to be rigged, but it was also not the promised: the visit was not to the filming but to the actor’s own house. It’s more: the winner claimed that she had not even gone home, even though Renner assured that she had. And the negative comments began to surface.

Not only that: the people who were in the first place on their fan list (that is: the ones who had paid and participated the most) they fought among themselves accusing each other of impostors and paid moderators that they had been placed there without any competition to try to keep calm. Of course, they did not succeed: for a tiny group of people, being at the top of the Jeremy Renner fan list was, apparently, allto the point of threatening the actor if he didn’t “fix” it.

Oh yes, and you know about those photos that you had to pay to see? The actor would then upload them to Instagram, so what was the point of continuing to pay? What began as a kind world ended up being a nightmare for the actor, who received comments on Instagram itself like this: “I hope you die. I’m not even a fan. I only genuinely hate you and wish you the worst.”. It is possible that the app began to be a serious problem, but there was still the worst: the word “porn”.

jeremy renner app

On the Internet there is only porn

After the popularity of the application on websites and social networks as the pinnacle of self-parody, trolls began to invade it. And then the porn incident happened. It all started when Stefan Heck, editor of DeadSpin, saw a post of the actor in whose photo he appeared with the telescopes in his hand and prayed “Have a great weekend!! What’s your plan??” and he decided to answer with a “I’ll be watching porn on my computer”. The funny thing is that a user replied “Disgusting !! It’s not cool”, but the notification, instead of showing the name of the person who was speaking to him, showed Jeremy Renner’s, as if each response came from the handwriting of the.

Heck posted it on Twitter like we all would and went camping (contrary to his plan announced in the app), with no coverage. Returning two days later, he realized that he had broken the app for good. Suddenly, hundreds of fake Renners appeared claiming that they loved porn and even someone playing Casey Anthony (if you don’t know who it is, it’s better that way) defended by one of those clones of the actor. A week after all this, Jeremy Renner heralded the end of nonsense.

“The app has gone too far. Literally”. Thus began the statement with which the actor closed Jeremy Renner Official and announced that he would return the money to everyone who had bought stars (the value that made you raise points on the fan list) in the previous 90 days. “What was supposed to be a place for fans to connect has become a place that is everything i hate and can’t forgive“. The app ended up closing, but it was followed by a parody, a podcast and an almost sick follow-up for one of those stories that can only take place in the 21st century: the rise and fall of the official app for the actor who plays Hawkeye.

The unbelievable but true story of Jeremy Renner’s app and his unstoppable descent into madness