The unknown past of Luis Miguel on Televisa that Carlos Espejel uncovered

The interpreter of “Chiquidrácula” revealed an unknown anecdote about the first years in the career of today’s super famous artist

Carlos Espejel He is a renowned comedy actor who has been on the screen for decades, since he began his career at a very young age, when he was part of the cast of the remembered program together with other children. childish.

The Show children made an era on Mexican television and remained on the air from 1982 to 1989. It was a broadcast that combined skits of comedy, musical numbers and skits, and constituted a hotbed of artists that later shone with their own light.

figures like Lucero, Aleks Syntek, the maguito Rody, Pierre Angelo, Anahí and her sister Marichelo, Ginny Hoffman and the twins Ivonne and Ivette paraded through the forums of the program where Espejel gave life to characters like “Chiquidracula” Y “Carlinflas”a parody of the legendary Mario Moreno.

Now, the comedian who recently participated as a jury of “Today’s Kids”He was a guest on the show the walker where he recalled his time in the children’s program Televisa more successful and revealed that Luis Miguel was one of the many children who in those years dreamed of being part of the talented team of “mini celebrities”, however the now renowned singer did not convince the production team of childish.

in the program Exa FM Hosted by Tania Rincón, Fran Hevia and Fer Gay, Carlos recounted the anecdote when they asked him, “Mention three celebrities who did casting in childishbut they pinched it.”

“Many passed, there was a time when we did many castings for new children, to renew”, answered the actor and pointed out that “Syntek had left, Lucero had left and we had to renewand Luis Miguel passed by there”.

On the audition of the popular singer of It will be that you do not love meCarlos recalled that “we were in Chapultepec, we were in the studio… I don’t remember if it was the I, and there he sangwith lights and as if they recorded it and everything”.

The chickenwho was our director, was always looking for boys, because a lot of girls went, so when a boy went, it was: ‘Pay attention to him, he’s a boy,’” he added.

Later, Espejel said that “they paid attention to him, he sang and The chicken At the end he asked his father or someone who was there, I don’t remember: ‘Do you also act, do skits, impressions, do you like that?’”, but the person responsible for Luis Miguel in that audition answered no.

Arath de la Torre also did castingPierre Angelo came by castingOscar Malvido, there were a lot of kids who were passing by”, Espejel concluded on the subject.

Regarding the question of whether it bothers him that the public continues to associate him with “Chiquidracula”, a giddy vampire who told “bloody jokes.” Carlos Espejel stressed that on the contrary, he feels grateful for have transcended in the pop culture of Mexico.

“It doesn’t bother me that they keep remembering me for that. On the contrary, I think that childish it is in the collective unconscious, with ‘Sentiste mello’ (his battle phrase), it is part of the culture and with such iconic characters. He is one of the characters that has transcended many generations, ”he expressed.

But childish It was not the only project that the son of Luisito Rey could be part of before becoming the famous international singer that he is today, because in the 80s was sought to join the popular group Menudowhich at that time was a phenomenon in Latin America.

This is how Luis Miguel remembered it in 1992, when he was 22 years old, in an interview with the Argentine journalist Susana Gimenezwho asked him how he had received the invitation to be part of the band and how he turned it down.

At first, that group offered me the chance to participate, but I didn’t like the idea, I like the idea of ​​being alone”, said the Mexican singer in that interview, “I like the stage alone and frankly I don’t need to be with anyone”, he added.

The unknown past of Luis Miguel on Televisa that Carlos Espejel uncovered