The urgent need to distinguish reality from fiction | The Journal of the Republic

“Given the facts of public knowledge and the enormous repercussion that the new series by Guillermo Francella has had, which talks about our profession, we want to express our total rejection of both him and the production of this fiction produced by the Star+ platform, which It has caused enormous discomfort.

Its violent corruption does not represent us in the least and that is why, together with the group that we form, we have decided to go out and show our faces so that people do not get carried away by this dark history that leaves us unemployed so badly.

These days and after having suffered different things in our daily lives due to this series, we want to tell everyone that our profession has absolutely nothing to do with what is told and with the attitudes that the aforementioned actor interprets that we respected until now as a worker.

We are not going to allow under any point of view that citizens begin to ignore us and look differently because of a prejudice falsely imposed by this nefarious story that was only created to brutally attack us.

We extend our hug to each colleague and request public apologies for this series that should never have been done under these conditions, and finally we want to clarify that this group of people does not belong to any union, since we act independently.

The above text is the content of a statement from an independent group of building managers.

The aforementioned actor replied, “The only answer is that it is fiction, we all know that it is fiction.” And he assured that the objective of the series is not to judge: “They felt touched, but under no point of view did we want to disrespect anyone.” “It speaks a little about intellectual mediocrity, about the lack of absolute criteria to reason out a fictional proposal,” he concluded.

In case it’s not clear, a series is being broadcast. Its protagonist is the manager of a building. As a group of managers did not like its content, much less the behavior of his colleague in fiction, he issued the above statement. He has a hard time understanding the issue and especially the interpretation of this organization. It seems that so much chatter and television parody have distorted the concept of a fiction. An author, a screenwriter or a director, do not intend through their characters to represent those who perform this or that function in real life. If so, literature and cinema, throughout their history, should have received thousands of these letters. By what criteria would all building managers be judged for what this character does? Fiction goes on one side and reality absolutely on the other. In books and on screens there are wicked dentists, permissive teachers, political demagogues, corrupt businessmen, violent parents, fearful soldiers and, until now, it had never occurred to anyone to judge dentists, teachers, politicians, businessmen, parents or soldiers for the actions of these characters. Not even the series pretends to be based on real events. Even if it were so, it is still an artistic look, absolutely debatable from that angle. But not even in the assumption of being based on real facts would fit the charge that is formulated. Moreover, the recent national film “Argentina, 1985”, also objected to by some, insofar as, according to their observation, it should have shown this or that, or ignored this or the other, it is still a particular look at a historical event. Even when it is admitted based on real events. A film director is an artist who presents a work that bears his signature. And then he will garner criticism and praise on the artistic realization of it. The rest is up to the biased conclusions of each viewer.

Or will there be people who, from this series, began to look differently at the person in charge of their building? It would be nonsense.

The urgent need to distinguish reality from fiction | The Journal of the Republic