“The Visitor from the future”: a friend who wants us well, enemy of nuclear power plants


In 2555, in a devastated France, can we go back in time and return to 2022, to prevent the creation of a new nuclear power plant which we know will explode? Here we are at the heart of intense news, for a funny and scathing adventure. Thirteen years after creating, in 2009, the cult web series entitled The visitor from the future (4 seasons, a total of 52 million views), director and screenwriter François Descraques succeeded in bringing it to the big screen: his first feature film, which bears the same name as the series, was released in theaters (it is on display since Wednesday, September 7) with a host of actors and comedians – McFly and Carlito, Monsieur Poulpe…

Fans will find the codes of the parody story there, and neophytes, teenagers or young adults can be tempted. This serious film which does not take itself seriously encourages reflection, while being part of the comic springs proven on YouTube channels. A few days before the film’s release, the preview at the Grand Rex in Paris on August 30th was sold out, with some fans arriving dressed as the bizarre creatures of the Visitor. François Descraques does not hide the fact that he dreams of success at the Kaamelottnamed after the television series created in 2005 by Alexandre Astier, then transposed to the cinema: released in theaters the day after the pandemic, during the summer of 2021, Kaamelott: first part (2019) had 2.4 million admissions.

Originally, François Descraques, a science fiction fan, dreamed with a friend (Florent Dorin) of making a film of the Back to the future, without having the means. The two friends started with a pauper’s sci-fi soap opera, imagining a character from the future who bursts into the present, informing humans of a coming catastrophe. Over the course of the episodes, Florent Dorin has played this clumsy and courageous “Visitor”, dressed like a scarecrow, who believes he is the man who falls just as he falls like a hair on the soup.

Family drama against the backdrop of a radioactive cloud

Comedian and actor Arnaud Ducret (popular for his role in the television series Parents, instructions), who did not know the universe of the series, jumped on the bandwagon: in this first feature film, he plays the deputy Gilbert Alibert, who is about to commit to a new nuclear power plant on his territory. But the chosen one has a strong adversary, his own daughter, Alice, an environmental activist (actress and director Enya Baroux), who intends to defeat her father’s project. The duo will find themselves projected into an undesirable future. Paris is nothing more than a vast dump, at the foot of an Eiffel Tower in pieces… Welcome to the caricature of dystopia.

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“The Visitor from the future”: a friend who wants us well, enemy of nuclear power plants