This is how Ana Celeste from Little Giants has changed: she is 18 years old and is a beautiful actress

In addition to her comedy skills, the native of Acapulco, Guerrero was crowned the captain of the team ‘The Super Powerful’.

The little girl also touched the audience with her crush on one of the most notorious soap opera heartthrob: William Levy.

In one of the episodes, Ana Celeste revealed the great infatuation she had for the Cuban, who surprised her with a stellar visit where she gave her a rose and a doll.

The surprise and emotion of Ana Celeste stole the hearts of many, including the actor.

What happened to Ana Celeste after Little Giants?

Ana Celeste and her team from Los Super Poderosos took fifth place in the reality talent show. However, despite not being on the podium, this experience opened the doors to the world of entertainment.

Together with Javiercito, Grecia, Montse, Miguel Ángel, Hiroshi, Magaby and more, he formed the cast formed the cast of ‘El gran show de los peques’, a program that included reports, singing presentations, dance challenges and comedy segments that it aired from August to September 2011.

His experience and ease in front of the cameras allowed him to fully immerse himself in one of his greatest passions: acting.

Little by little, Ana Celeste began to add participations in comedy unit programs and finally had the great opportunity to be part of the base cast of the final stage of “Sabadazo”, where she shared the stage with Cecilia Galiano, Laura G and more.

“A fairly complex character, a challenge that I built with a lot of love and respect,” Ana said about this role on social networks.

Ana Celeste returned to Little Giants

In 2019, the young actress had the opportunity to return to the stage where she began her career: Little Giants.

The former participant of the reality show debuted as the digital host of the fourth season of the program and got to know the new child talent up close who surprised the judges of that edition (Verónica Castro, Albertano, Karol Sevilla and Miguel Bosé).

Participating again in this reality show was very special for Ana Celeste. “This program that helped me fulfill many dreams and thanks to it I am in this beautiful career that I love so much,” she revealed in one of the advertising capsules of Little Giants.

Ana Celeste debuted in the world of soap operas

In 2021, the young actress added one of her most important appearances on television thanks to her first character in the telenovela Si Nos Dejan, starring Mayrín Villanueva and Marcus Ornellas.

She is not only an actress: Ana Celeste is also a singer

The 18-year-old ventured into the world of music a couple of years ago. One of her first singles was ‘En lo high’, which was released on November 9, 2018.

In 2021, he released his first song on Spotify titled ‘Na tú’, where he shows off the trap and hip-hop genre.

Ana Celeste enchants her Instagram fans

The actress and singer also has a significant presence on Instagram, where she has more than 73 thousand followers, who have direct access to selfies, photos of her looks and behind the scenes of her projects.

In most of Ana Celeste’s publications, her fans take the opportunity to praise her beauty, which she looks both with elaborate makeup as well as natural.

This is how Ana Celeste from Little Giants has changed: she is 18 years old and is a beautiful actress