This is not your usual James Bond vodka campaign

However, Craig was helped by JaQuel Knightthe legendary choreographer of Beyoncéon an original song that Waititi’s better half, the singer Rita oraand the British rapper Giggs they recorded specifically for the commercial: a collaborative work that the director described as surprisingly natural.

“I often forget that I am with a very talented person who knows music perfectly,” Waititi said with a laugh, “because, you know, for me she has the double personality of someone who is present in my everyday life and that of a professional who spends hours and hours in the studio, knows how to create and put songs together, knows all the tricks, is aware of how things must sound, knows who to call to get Giggs to come and rap on the piece. She did the best of what she is an expert in and it was, from the start, fantastic. ” In addition, she added: «Usually, I feel like I always have to meddle with everything, I feel the weight of being a sort of supervisor, along with the responsibility of managing and directing things. Not having to do it at all was a very different experience for me. I’m not saying this because Rita is my partner, but because she understood the brief and she knew exactly what we wanted. She just did it. ‘

The collaboration with Rita ora led to the decision to take an unashamedly fashion direction and led to the use of a key accessory that became the strong point of Craig’s transformation: a set of monogrammed diamond grills with his initials A.D.
“Rita is a huge fan of these grills,” Waititi said. “Since she wrote the music for the video, it was inspired by some photos of her from her two grills… well, she actually has a lot of grills. So they made the ones with the initials made A.D for Daniel Craig in the same place where you buy them ».

Probably due to this collaborative spirit, Waititi has even agreed to make an unscheduled appearance at the end of the commercial, making the figure of the archetype of the haughty director. “That little cameo of mine wasn’t on until we shot and Daniel said to me, ‘You have to do it, man!” He recalled. “He really convinced Me to do it. They had some spare shirts and I wore one ». As is typical of Waititi, they both wanted to make fun of the circumstances they found themselves in.

“It’s nice to parody the clichés about filmmakers, especially in situations like this where we think we eat sushi. It is so unglamorous what we actually do. I have spent the past 10 years eating lukewarm food from cardboard boxes in Burbank; therefore, whenever I can try to carry on the myth that it is a fascinating work, I will try to do it through such works, ”he said.

It turns out that playing a parody of oneself can serve to reconsider one’s life.
“I started this job to travel the world and leave New Zealand,” Waititi explained about his career. “In the end I found myself most of the time in Sydney studios and places where I was watching a big blue screen and I could have been in any warehouse in New Zealand, so have the chance to go to Paris and shooting something outdoors on the streets of the French capital was truly a special experience. Like saying, ‘Oh, that’s right, this can be a really fun job.’

This is not your usual James Bond vodka campaign