“Those of us who saw chapter 13 of El Privilegio de Mandar were very disappointed”: Carlos Pozos

  • The Analysis Board questioned the duration of just 15 minutes and 7 sketches which in its recent issuance was described as bored and lack of humorwith nothing to invite laughter
  • This program reflected a clear tendency to hit Mario Delgado, National President of MORENA
  • He highlighted the mockery of the refusal to appear before Congress by the heads of SEDENA and SEMAR

By Carlos Pozos (Lord Molecule)

Mexico City, Monday, October 31, 2022.- Greetings Friends of Lord Molécula Oficial and our great Communication Alliance, between RBC Internacional, Olmeca TV Noti Sur, the Emphasis Platform and Guau TV, and we are ready in this our most recent analysis table, to address the incidents of chapter 13 , kabbalistic number, from the weekly issue of The Privilege to Command.

“And friends, without a doubt those of us who saw this chapter, well, we were, or at least I, very disappointed, the content very boring, adding that it was one of the shortest chapters in duration (15 minutes and 43 seconds), and only with 7 sketch, that the truth was very sozosand without anything that invites laughter”, I began by saying in a brief introduction.

I pointed out to my three participants at the table: Dr. Saúl Santana, José Luis Palacios and the singer and songwriter from Veracruz Alfredo Gutiérrez, that this chapter had a clear tendency to hit the National President of MORENA, Mario Delgado, and they strongly emphasized the refusal to appear before the Congress of the Union, of the heads of SEDENA, General Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, and of SEMAR, Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán.

The first to give his impression of the program was Dr. Saúl Santana, who pointed out: “They make people laugh because they didn’t make people laugh, but they went hard, very hard against Mario Delgado, and in all the sketchesin the end an actor appears parodying him as a clumsy and forgetful character, and he always takes out his piece of paper and forgets what he was going to clarify, “he described.

Saúl Santana found it curious to emphasize this issue, leaving aside the almost clandestine tour of Adán Augusto López Hernández, who began his tour of Zacatecas to lobby in favor of the Reform to keep the Army in security tasks, nor did they mention the visit of the former presidents Calderón and Zedillo to a forum in Spain, and almost left aside the issue of alleged militarization, and on the contrary, “they are frequently using as a reason for mockery to the character of Mr X (Claudio X. González) making fun of being responsible for the fact that there is no alliance between the opponents”, Doctor Santana pointed out.

José Luis Palacios pointed out, for his part, that “I was very amused by the PRI testicles, and the mention of Luis Cresencio during his appearance before Rosa Icela was amused, but the question is: why don’t you appear in the morning segment, Lord, and worse, now who’s supposed to be the reporter asking the Peje, they would have put someone who will be identified as Sandy Aguilera”, estimated the Doctor.

Everyone at the table agrees that once again they are leaving the former presidents or Lord Molecule out of the broadcast.

“Another segment that amused me – Palacios abounded – was the JurassicPRI, and its alleged corcholatas, Beatriz Paredes, De la Madrid or Alito, the other, I find it in very bad taste how they present Claudia Ruiz Massieu, and the sketch of Enrique Alfaro, Governor of Jalisco who is being robbed while giving a message about safety”.

José Luis Palacios considered that chapter 13 did have some flashes of laughter, although he agreed with the rest of the table that in general, the broadcast was boring.

Saúl Santana considered that the parody of jurassic-park where Beatriz Paredes comes out of a dinosaur egg, despite the parody, he thinks that the experienced PRI member was treated with respect, and even assured that there was some fear of the scriptwriters in the treatment of the character, “because she is a tough lady and they don’t put a cane on him,” he said.

Dr. Santana also stressed that “they continue with the game of promoting the vote for Claudia Sheinbaum, and now Ricardo Monreal appears, who did not appear before and is now present saying that he is not present,” he commented.

Saúl Santana explained to José Luis Palacios the segment where they make fun of the Governor of Colima, Indira Vizcaíno Silva, who in recent days uploaded a video to social networks where all the words began with “coolie”, which the broadcast made fun of parodying that moment:

“The Governor of Colima left on Monday of the previous week, after giving her report, sending a message from her car, on TikTok, I think, putting the word Colima as a prefix, Coli, as a prefix”, and then paraphrased the president’s message.

Saúl Santana rightly pointed out that despite the memes and ridicule, for Indira Vizcaíno: “And this has been the cheapest advertising campaign so far this year and now everyone knows who the ColiGovernor is,” he said.

“And now that we are talking about States, -I tell my collaborators at the table- now it’s up to the state of Veracruz, to speak musically with our friend Alfredo Gutiérrez, what do you have for our audience? I ask our coplero.

“Well, let’s go lie down. La Lloronabecause the day of the dead is coming, and there it goes… we have a weeping jarochaand I’m going to take one between jarocha and the one sung by the artists of Televisa, those of ancestry”, our troubadour tells us, to whom we listen very carefully.

After the interpretation of Maestro Gutiérrez, Doctor José Luis Palacios commissioned him to write some verses for November 2 to remember the illustrious dead (politically) and mentions Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, Carlos Salinas – and Saúl Santana mentions the Alianza Va X México- and the singer from Veracruz, Maestro Alfredo Gutiérrez, anticipates that what follows are the skulls of the actors of El Privilegio de Mandar, and also the actors of the analysis table of El Privilegio, and even the burial of the PRD or the PRI, in 2024, the whole table coincides.

“Speaking of the dead, -says Saúl Santana- the segment of jurassic-park in El Privilegio, it is used to refer to the imminent death of some political movements, and when giving Jurassic names to some PRI members, they also mention that they were extinguished by the 1994 meteorite, “And what do they mean? – Santana wonders – to the murder of Cardinal Posadas, which was in 1993, but it already smelled like 1994, the appearance of the EZLN, and of course the death of Colosio, and that is when the PRI began its downward spiral, added to crack of the stock market a few years before, and also the citizenship product of the 85 tremor, but not only that, the political deaths are mentioned when in that same scene, Alito wakes up and discovers that everything was a dream, hugging a stuffed dinosaur that he call motherfucker, and when he gets up to go to the bathroom, a long saurian tail is seen, with which the narrator Laidaevokes the short story by Augusto Monterroso”, says our learned collaborator.

I remind you that Claudia Ruiz Massieu appears in that same segment, “Let’s remember that she was the daughter of Francisco Ruiz Massieu, who was also assassinated in 1994, and now her daughter is bottle capcandidate for the Presidency of the Republic, then, the whole circle is there, and from that side I do not call them bottle capsI call them thread cap”, I provide as my other data.

José Luis Palacios anticipates that very possibly for the following broadcasts of El Privilegio, they will touch on the subject of Macaw Leakswhich has been a topic that has been rarely mentioned, and which, on the other hand, will now stand out to the bottle caps

I anticipate to my colleagues at the table that the theme that the scriptwriters of the program should develop is The Day of the Dead, “And for me another of the themes should be the elimination of daylight saving time, this is historical, and those will be the guiding themes, and I believe that the macaws they did not hit, there is information, but I think it is deflating, and The Cash King either”.

“We have also paid little attention to the character of Margara Francisca, who is involved with the issue of inflation, of the basic basket and always saying that the inflationary spiral is going up due to poor management of the economy”, I make the observation.

Saúl Santana refers to the fact that the characters of Margara Francisca and the cuicoare the closest to the people, since the rest are politicians, and highlights that of all the segments, this is the rudest of all.

I finish by saying that if it weren’t for those two characters, the show would be dedicated to politics, but those characters are the anchor that makes it more compatible with people.

Friends, this was the analysis of a broadcast that has gone from more to less, and we will be pending to verify if our forecasts are correct, or what direction will take today, Monday, chapter 14 of El Privilegio de Mandar.

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“Those of us who saw chapter 13 of El Privilegio de Mandar were very disappointed”: Carlos Pozos