‘Those who hypocritically want the people to laugh again’

Our life in Argentina turned into chaos, a nightmare. The lack of security, the constant increase in prices, especially of food, the lack of work, many times because the way labor laws are managed today makes unscrupulous people take a job in a company and then, with the consent of Lawyers as unscrupulous as they sue those who hired them, with the employers having to pay sums that they shouldn’t pay.

On the other hand, there are many people who got used to living off the State, believing that it has the obligation to cover their needs with plans, which are basically given to ensure the votes of those who grant them. Citizens are the ones who have to ensure their maintenance and that of their family.

The political leaders change their shirt as many times as it suits them and so we have people who have been hanging around power for 30 or 40 years, without caring who they represent. Those who helped sink the country want to apply again, they speak forgetting that thanks to them many SMEs were left adrift by the constant increase in taxes, since they are insatiable.

And those in power today speak as if the state of society is not their fault. They are shown hypocritically saying that they want the people to laugh again. And why don’t they do it now, if they are the ones who are at the forefront as leaders.

Hypocrisy, selfishness, greed, lack of love and empathy towards the other makes those who governed and those who currently govern, as well as those who occupied and occupy different ministries and senatorial offices, become unworthy of occupying a position in government.

Nelly Zugasti / nelvezug@gmail.com

A review of history, from San Martín to Perón

Did you imagine San Martin in his underpants? That question was asked by Dr. Rampelberg, my high school teacher. I did not answer. “In Argentina, an ideological history is taught, of indoctrination, where our heroes are perfect beings, without mistakes, when in reality they were talented people but with the conflicts of any mortal,” he added.

Another teacher, Dr. Alfredo Di Pietro, said: “Today they begin to study Roman Law, which existed 2,500 years ago. They must study it in the context in which it occurred.”

Law 1,420 on free, compulsory and secular education is a milestone of liberalism. Felipe Pigna, in VIVA, avoids recognizing Roca as its author. Raúl Alfonsín (1983/1989) tried to organize the 2nd National Pedagogical Congress, whose covert purpose was to eliminate private education and leave only one state education. One of the slogans was “socialism is in education”.

The project contained some “base assemblies” where the common citizen could approve or reject the project. Citizens’ rejection of the “socialization of education” was so resounding that Alfonsín had to shelve the idea.

Rodolfo Terragno, one of the promoters of the failed Congress, says in Clarín “he does not understand why Julio A Roca promulgated and defended Law 1,420 given that it embodied an oligarchy clinging to power.”

President Roca thought of a country 100 years from now. He understood that the people should be educated and prepared to fend for themselves, without depending on any politician. Perón, months before he died, said he admired only one Argentine: Julio Argentino Roca. And he added: “Roca was one of the most astute politicians in history and he said that for the radicals to sink, it was only enough to let them govern.

William Angel Pereira / guillermoangelpereira@yahoo.com.ar

Something else about the failed attack on Cristina

Two months after the alleged attack, CFK comments in his recent speech that he found out what had happened only minutes later.

Nor did the head of the guards present seem to be concerned, nor the “absent guards”, nor the aggressor himself who was subdued by a single militant and later appeared sitting on a cell phone and without handcuffs.

Surveys indicate that 60% believe it was all a setup. And it must be so. We are surprised that Justice has not investigated these actors, since they have been inexplicably absent in this manifest parody.

Society must not swallow this deception so calmly.

Ricardo Olaviaga /rolaviaga157@gmail.com

The engineer Andrés Blaquier assassinated by motojets

They killed another citizen to steal his motorcycle. I did not hear any journalist, one of those who questioned the actions of the engineer who shot the thief, say that it was an excess.

And of course, one is surely someone who is not supportive and the other poor victims of society, according to the official version.

Abel O. Nuccio / aonuccio@hotmail.com

Healthy habits to take care of health

Educating for the health of the community with an approach based on risk and disease prevention is a positive and necessary investment in Public Health, on the other hand, identifying and controlling the risk factors that unbalance the state of health and mitigating risks development of diseases, with impacts and avoidable causes is another matrix of positive health processes.

The global and growing prevalence of overweight and obesity, both in children and adults, is one of the causes that explains the significant increase in cases of type 2 diabetes, among other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, with their consequences, complications, loss of quality and adjusted years of life, with cases of premature, avoidable deaths.

What can we do in this context, collectively and individually? In general and specifically, detect and report the risk factors identified to mitigate health risks.

It is necessary to adopt a preventive health model, with healthy behaviors and habits, with regular physical activity such as 30-minute walks; with intake of drinking water, fruits and vegetables; promote healthy environments and information; on the other hand, reduce risk factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, for example due to excessive hours in front of video games and the television screen, smoking, and the intake of processed foods and beverages with little nutritional value, unhealthy, with sugar and added salt; On the other hand, limit messages, such as advertising, that can create irrational eating patterns and behaviors that are contrary to health care.

Damian P. Ballester / PROFESSOR. PHARMACIST, MN: 14001 / dpballester@hotmail.com

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‘Those who hypocritically want the people to laugh again’