Threats of rape, beheading … Magali Berdah denounces the harassment of which she is the victim

“I experience all of this as a death sentence”: in tears, Magali Berdah denounces Booba’s actions (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

Sunday September 11, 2022, “Additional investigation”, caused a stir. By shining the spotlight on the “real business of influencers”, the France 2 magazine tackled a burning issue, addressing in turn various subjects such as the excesses of product placements. And if Magali Berdah, agent of influencers at the head of the company Shauna Events, agreed to answer questions from journalists, she very quickly found herself short of explanations. Two days after the broadcast, the businesswoman wants to denounce the harassment she has suffered on social networks for several months now, and whose main actor would be none other than the rapper Booba.

To understand everything about this case, you have to go back in time. We are in the middle of May when Booba begins to denounce the business of influencers on social networks. A business whose cogs are opaque and which is at the origin of many consumer complaints. Many cry scam after ordering, under the advice of influencers from reality TV for the most part, products that they have either never received or received in very poor condition. On Twitter, Booba does Booba. And a bit like a clash between rappers, the Duke of Boulogne as he is nicknamed, directly attacks the best known of influencer agents: Magali Berdah. At the same time, Twitter is getting organized and the hashtag “influvoleurs” invites itself into all discussions, while a complaint for fraud is filed by Booba and his teams. What we still don’t know is that behind the scenes, “Complément d’Enquête” is preparing a documentary on this business. First scheduled on Thursday September 8, 2022, the France 2 magazine was finally broadcast on Sunday September 11, 2022 after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Video. Magali Berdah: this substantial share that she receives on the contracts of her influencers

A “Complementary investigation” that is making the buzz

Undermined by questions from journalists, Magali Berdah loses face in front of the camera. “I feel trapped” she blurts out before cutting the interview short. On Twitter, Internet users are on fire. And a few minutes later, when the agent agrees to answer journalist Tristan Waleckx’s questions again on the set of “Complementary investigation”, things take another turn. Asked about dropshipping and a connected watch which she advertised (and which she does not wear), Magali Berdah justifies herself by explaining that she suffers from “tendinitis in her arm”. It’s too much for the Twitter birds who, exasperated, prefer to make fun of the scene.

“I’ve been harassed for 4 months, I’m tired. So I don’t express myself very well” explained Magali Berdah this Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at the microphone of Europe 1. If she smiles at the mention of parodies many Twitter accounts of big boxes, like Doctolib or Buffalo Grill, which have joked about her tendonitis, she rebels when Crédit Agricole also gets involved. “It’s a shame… Promoting Booba, there are limits. I take it very badly. What I’ve been going through for 4 months, groups like Crédit Agricole should fight against that, harassment, gender discrimination.”

As for her interventions in “Complementary investigation”, Magali Berdah assures all her good will: “I went there in nature painting mode, I do not need to prepare myself. The context in which I live is difficult to manage. I decided to open the doors to them through transparency. I have nothing to hide (…) I spent several hours with my lawyer who validates the sites (…) I wanted to give some answers .” According to her, the teams of the investigative magazine arrived at her office just after the departure of her lawyer, “as if by chance”. “I felt trapped because I had the impression that they wanted me to say bullshit” she insists at the microphone of Europe 1. Still, for Magali Berdah, the problem is not not here…

Video. “Sorry if I was not clear”: Magali Berdah explains her famous “tendonitis in the arm”

“It’s mind-blowing and unacceptable”

If Booba has filed a complaint for fraud, Magali Berdah attacks him for harassment. “What is happening is mind-blowing, unacceptable” she breathes, before going back to the start of this affair: “Booba started attacking me in mid-May for reasons that had nothing to do with product placements. That’s what bothers me in the media treatment. Everyone talks to me about product placement, but Booba was on something else. He talked about my physique, my religion, my father, my brother, my children, he attributed a sex tape to me. When I filed a complaint, a few weeks later, he created his influencers email address, because in my opinion, it gave him justification.”

While an investigation has been opened by the online hate pole, Magali Berdah claims to still receive thousands of messages every day, “calls for murder, rape, stoning, beheading.” The address of his accommodation was even disclosed on Instagram, forcing him to move “in 24 hours”. Today, the agent of influencers lives under police surveillance: “We live in fear. I do not understand in the 21st century that this can happen.” During this time, the legal aspect continues more beautiful. After obtaining the closure of one of Booba’s Instagram accounts, Magali Berdah is now the subject of a complaint from the rapper for slanderous denunciation. At the microphone of Europe 1, she could not hold back her tears: “I don’t care that he is attacking me for defamation. Just look at his tweets. I begged him on social networks to stop. I I just want him to actually quit. You can’t ask for someone’s death just because you don’t like their job.”

As for the investigation opened for deceptive commercial practice against Shauna Events, Magali Berdah says to be ready: “At the stage where I am, with this media trial and this death sentence, because I really live it like that, I beg justice for me to be heard and for this to be settled. Booba is not justice or the repression of fraud” she said in tears. And to conclude: “If I have done something wrong, punish me… It’s a massacre.” Tomorrow, Wednesday September 13, 2022, Magali Berdah will hold a press conference.

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Threats of rape, beheading … Magali Berdah denounces the harassment of which she is the victim