Tim Burton Movies You Should Rewatch

Tim Burton has left his mark on contemporary cinema. With his own dark universe, the prolific director has managed to gather a wide audience with his numerous films mixing musicals, animation and blockbusters.

An unconditional reader of Edgar Allan Poe, he owes his success to his personal imagination, his bromance with actor Johnny Depp and his close collaboration with composer Danny Elfman. His career is also linked to that of his old girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, whom he has made to participate in several of his films. Let’s review some of the best films of this fantastic storyteller, who plays with the limits of the macabre and the strange to tell human stories often full of empathy.

Mars Attacks!

The Martians have not stopped invading Earth. Yes Mars Attacks! has given rise to numerous spin-off products and has even inspired many casino games, movie buffs and those who prefer play live roulette keep watching this frenetic comedy where all the famous actors of the time come together: Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Jones, Natalie Portman, Danny DeVito etc. They all contribute to this insane parody of 1950s sci-fi movies (of which Tim Burton is especially fond), which has become a reference for its wild-eyed, pink-skulled Martians.

Edward Scissorhands

In this half-comedy, half-dramatic gothic fable, Johnny Depp plays Edward, a man created from scratch by an inventor who left him unfinished with long scissors for fingers. Fostered by a mother, he falls in love with his daughter Kim, played by Winona Ryder, and gradually draws the ire of the ideal suburb where he has settled. Moving, disconcerting, funny and deeply human, Edward Scissorhands is one of Tim Burton’s most personal films. A poetic story that, at the time, revealed to the public the talent of Johnny Depp.

Nightmare Before Christmas

This is perhaps the most cult movie Tim Burton has worked on to date. Busy on the set of Batman: The Challenge, asked Henry Selick to direct this adaptation of a story he wrote while working for Disney Studios. This starring Jack Skeleton, a scarecrow tired of living in the world of Halloween. Jack remains an inseparable character in Tim Burton’s universe, evil despite himself but with a big heart.


For many, this is the best Batman. Adaptation of the DC Comics comics created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the movie Batman by Tim Burton is very dark. Starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger and Robert Wuhl, it is one of the most profitable films in history: 35 million invested for a profit of 411 million. Another anecdote: the singer Prince composed some songs for the occasion, such as “Batdance”, “Partyman” and “Scandalous”.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Adaptation of the 1964 Roald Dahl novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most popular Tim Burton movies. It features Johnny Depp, of course, as Willy Wonka, but also Brigitte Millar and Freddie Highmore. Less dark than his other works, this film leaves room for the fairy tale, positive magic of Tim Burton, allowing it to reach a larger, younger audience. Chocolate as a universal sweetener.

Wednesday (2022)

How not to mention the Addams Family a few weeks after the premiere of Tim Burton’s new Netflix series dedicated to Wednesday, the daughter of the most bizarre family in pop culture? After an animated feature film released in theaters in 2019, the wackiest, creepiest but funniest family in the world of cinema will once again play tricks on us. Coming soon to your screens!

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