Toni Cantó, without fear of ridicule | By Borja Teran

After passing through politics and the Spanish Office, Toni Cantó has set out to recover the monologue on television. Monologue in Spanish, of course. Although the stand up comedy (stand-up comedy) is an American art. He even tries to evolve it into a new genre: the sarcastic political rally. He does it on his new show, ‘with Tony‘, something like the late show star of the brand new channel 7NN. A kind of Spanish-style Fox News, with a tighter budget, where ideology dominates over information.

And the signing of Cantó suits the channel wonderfully. They are such for which, the ideal couple. What’s more, the attitude of the interpreter manages to place the unknown station on the map of social conversation. Her ultramonologues go viral quickly, especially because of the stupefaction they arouse. In fact, it gives the feeling that they are part of a sarcastic chapter of ‘7 lives‘ in which Toni, after waking up from a coma -premise of the mythical sitcom-, becomes an inexperienced actor. And, as in the sitcom, when he opens his mouth, fake laughs resound in the background.

But surprise, we’re over the overacting laughs. They are rare on TV today. However, this channel has found its social public service niche by giving the comedian a platform so that he can vent and launch his political taunts left and right. The downside is that this attempt at corrosive monologues is poorly written and not even well understood. The message is messy and they only discredit the speech of the person who recites them. They even degrade his acting career: they are badly directed, the text is interpreted with a tone more of theatrical histrionics than of television complicity. And what an impossible mission it is to do theater without a stage and without a real audience that comes wanting to be moved. Thus the audience is only stunned.

Perhaps it is a ‘from lost to the river’ by Cantó. But extremism often prevents us from making decisions with perspective and can end up turning you into your own parody. Ten years ago, society would have been confused by such monologues, now we expect anything. We are immune. The meme is tearing the reflection to pieces. And it doesn’t matter.

“Whether they speak well or badly, the important thing is that they talk about me. Although I confess that I like that they speak badly because that means that things are going very well for me. Nobody talks about the mediocre, and when they do, they only say wonders ”, he sentenced her with her usual “humility”. Salvador Dali. The perverse thing is that now we focus more on the trivial than on the genuine. Because we retweet what annoys more than what it discovers. We spend too much time in irritation. It is what unites Cantó and those who share his monologues trying to ridicule him: fury. Sorry, Dalí, your famous phrase has expired: the mediocre is usually more attractive than the intelligent. We refer to the noisy tests.

Toni Cantó, without fear of ridicule | By Borja Teran