Top 10 actors who have parodied themselves, it’s cool the second degree

In life it’s good to show self-mockery, it makes people modest and nice and it’s better to laugh at yourself than at the expense of others, at least that’s what I tell myself to console myself for the fact that everyone is making fun of me. Anyway, some stars have this humor and even pushed it to the limit by accepting roles that parodied their career or their personality and we suggest you see some examples because it feels good to see them come down a little from their ivory tower these big rich people who eat champagne and drink petit fours to show once again that they are not like everyone else.

1. Tom Hanks in “The Extraordinary Mr. Rogers”

With a slew of roles in which he’s reassuring, calm, full of good advice and likeable, Tom Hanks has become something of a cliché of the ideal American dad for many viewers. So much that he accepted the title role of the film The extraordinary Mr. Rogers in which he simply plays an idealized version of himself by taking on the role of a super cool TV presenter who actually existed. Admit that you would like him to be your stepfather.

2. Michael Keaton in “Birdman”

Many people have seen the movie Birdman as a kind of full-scale parody of actor Michael Keaton, and for good reason: it’s about an actor no one really takes seriously since his distant success behind the mask of a super -hero. Keaton himself having been the first interpreter of Batman in the cinema had had a small crossing of the desert for a few years before returning to the front of the stage. A nice revenge that obviously echoes the whole plot of the film. Well in the film the actor manages to fly and do supernatural stuff, but if it turns out Keaton is really capable of it, we don’t really know him and me.

3. Bill Murray in “Zombieland”

The quick appearance of the brilliant Bill Murray in the film zombieland is a perfect lesson in self-mockery in addition to a great surprise (and in this I apologize to people who have not seen the film for the spoiler). Playing himself, the actor looks as cool as his quotes that are coolness incarnate and even allows himself to criticize himself for his role in the film Garfield. A great man, certainly.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Last Action Hero”

Undoubtedly one of the best films of his career, Last Action Hero is also a big parody of all his other roles. By presenting a muscular film character, completely cliché and who does justice to himself, the film plays with the codes of Hollywood blockbusters of the 80s and 90s, of which the actor is one of the most illustrious performers and kindly makes fun of everything. this mess. The result is an explosive film where Schwarzy shines, not necessarily through his acting (that’s intended), but through his involvement in making fun of himself. I’m not afraid of words, this film is a masterpiece in its genre.

5. Larry David in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

This excellent series, from which Eric Judor was greatly inspired by making Plane tree shows us Larry David in his own role in a totally offbeat way. With his legendary bad faith, his asshole personality (sorry but there’s no other words), his borderline reflections and his propensity to screw himself up, David plays with his own image by giving himself a dimension as detestable as it is endearing in what might be one of the finest examples of self-mockery in the world.

6. Neil Patrick Harris in the “Harold and Kumar” trilogy

If this trilogy belonging to the genre of stoner movie has varying qualities, Neil Patrick Harris’ appearances in all three installments are all great. In the first two, the actor plays his own role in an offbeat way, passing for a big drugged fucker completely out of control. Prior to the third film, Harris had come out and formalized her relationship with her spouse, which the film decided to deride again in an absolutely unexpected way. Without being too present, it could find its place in the memorable roles with little screen time.

7. The Rock in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”

The “remake” of the film Jumanji turned out to be a pleasant surprise, overall thanks to a well-functioning cast. If we quite rightly expected Kevin Hart and Jack Black to be funny, it was not necessarily won for The Rock. And yet, the guy wonderfully plays the role of the slightly nerd young boy who finds himself stuck in the body of a mountain of muscle, parodying in passing the cliché that sticks to the actor up to his famous eyebrow game that made his name in wrestling. A great success for The Rock which proves that he is as good at lifting cars as in terms of self-mockery.

8. Jean-Claude Van Damme in “JCVD”

On many aspects this film is a kind of unclassifiable UFO: between mockumentary, interview, action film and parody biography, JCVD remains above all a big abyss of the actor in relation to his career. An exercise that at times does not take itself seriously and that the famous Belgian had reiterated a little with the series Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Whether we find the film successful or not, it was still a great way for Jean-Claude to make fun of himself by playing with all the clichés that stuck to his skin.

9. Joaquin Phoenix in “I’m Still Here”

Well then, self-mockery is quite simply at the heart of this “joke project” in which the actor announced that he wanted to stop his career to start a new one as a rapper. If on paper the idea was interesting, the result is a bit less convincing, in any case for many spectators the trick does not take. But the whole idea of ​​the film relying on Phoenix playing himself in a completely parody fashion for almost an entire year still makes him fit into this list of parody roles. Maybe he just went a little too far in the thing, or maybe it’s part of the roles that actors have accepted for money.

10. Matt Leblanc in “Episodes”

Forgive this fault but I have never watched this series which nevertheless seems really nice. However, I have been told several times that the actor Matt Leblanc who plays himself there is completely derided and continually plays with his image and the life of an actor in a parodic and cynical way. I didn’t have time to watch the five seasons this morning before doing the top, so don’t hesitate to say if it respects the subject and if not to insult me ​​by using the lexical field of the utensils of kitchen.

Top 10 actors who have parodied themselves, it’s cool the second degree