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Daniel Radcliffe will play the irreverent Weird Al Yankovic, but first we tell you about some of his strangest roles to date

Along the history, Hollywood has had all kinds of archetypes of characters and actors who, in one way or another, have focused in a genre or performance style specific. Such is the case of personalities such as Tom Cruise who continues to position himself as one of the action figures most relevant of the cinema, or as at the time it was Harrison Fordwhose profile rebellious and adventurous was reflected in more than one successful franchise.

Although there are actors who end up pigeonholing in a specific character style, there are others whose explorations are so different from each other, that they generate their own identity based on weird stories with even weirder characters.

So it is with Daniel Radcliffewho rose to fame playing the world’s most famous magician: Harry Potter. However, at the end of the films, the actor has participated with so many different roles and roles, that he has successfully managed to abandon the idea of ​​being just a wizard boy. Among indie movies, comedy series, experimental horror movies, In addition to other genres, the actor has forged a strong identity of his own, pursuing a style that he has already fully owned: the bizarre

This week the first trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, biopic where Daniel Radcliffe plays the music icon Weird Al, who became famous from parodies and humorous reinterpretations of radio hits.

And although he is certainly a unique character, Weird Al It is not the first extravagant role that the actor has taken to the screen, so today we present you the top of the strangest characters he has played Daniel Radcliffe in recent years.

5. Ezekial Brown/Prince Chaunceley/Craig Bog (Miracle Workers)

Miracle Workers is a comedy series in an anthology format, which places its characters through different scenarios each season. Along the Show, Daniel Radcliffe has played a depressed angel named Craig Bogga prince from the dark ages, and a reverend named Zeke Brown who ends up joining an outlaw in the Old West.

Each of Radcliffe’s characters is out of the ordinary, not just because of the way they’re constructed, but because the proposition distances him from the archetypes of heroes and villains, leaving him in a comical gray area.

4. Weird Al (Weird: The Al Yankovic Story)

In the era of biopicsit is difficult to find one that does not revolve around the same structure by which all the films of the genre appear to be governed: a on glorification and dramatization of the life of different celebrities hollywoods.

However, since its first trailer Weird: The Al Yankovic Story has made it clear that more than being a biographical story, its goal is to become a comedy based on true events.

Here, Daniel Radcliffe plays Weird Al, one of the most bizarre figures in the world of music, whose accordion and lyrics parodying other hits launched him to fame. Also participating in this film Evan Rachel Wood with a comic and almost caricatured portrait of madonnawhich ultimately marks the course of the biopic as one of the most interesting films yet to be released this year.

3. Miles Lee Harris (Guns Akimbo)

Since before the tape came out, the image of Daniel Radcliffe in a bathrobe holding two revolvers in his hands had aroused everyone’s curiosity, especially after the plot of the tape was revealed.

In Guns AkimboDaniel plays Miles Lee Harrisa troll of the internet, who is forced to find a way to survive in a live game, after his hands are nailed around two weapons.

Per se, Guns Akimbo It is a mix between an action and comedy film, but its main characteristic is that it lacks all control, since we constantly see Daniel playing with his expressions, shouting and shooting things, without apparent direction. However, it is just that detail that makes it so strange and so different from other film projects.

Daniel Radcliffe

2. Ignatius Perrish or Ig (Horns)

Radcliffe He is no stranger to the horror genre, since the actor had participated in the film The Woman in Black Before joining the project horns. Although the first mentioned is a very traditional film in terms of structure and even horror stereotypes, horns It is far from being a common tape.

Here, Radcliffe plays Ignatiusa young man blamed for the murder of his girlfriend who mysteriously begins to sprout horns, in addition to gaining supernatural abilities that make him the object of curious looks and all kinds of accusations.

Beyondthe terror or the supernatural tint of history, horns It also has moments of comedy and acid humor, as well as playing with monster movie clichés to give them a different twist and transform it into something unique within the category.

Daniel Radcliffe

1. Manny (Swiss Army Man)

Manny is perhaps one of the strangest characters in Radcliffe, since he is not even alive per se. In Swiss Army Man we meet a castaway named Hank (Paul Dano), who finds the corpse of a boy from the Swiss army, who will accompany him in his loneliness and adventures.

The Corpse, played by Radcliffehas unique abilities, in addition to constant flatulence through which he communicates with the protagonist.

Although strange, this is one of the top rated movies by Daniel Radcliffe, acclaimed for its unique sense of comedy and the originality with which its characters were written, as well as the performance of both actors on screen.

We know that there are many more characters who have made Daniel Radcliffe one of the most beloved and curious icons of current cinema, so leave us in the comments if there is any character that you think should be part of this list.

What do cinephiles and cinephiles think? What is your favorite movie of the actor?

Top | Daniel Radcliffe’s 5 Weirdest Characters!