Torrita di Siena, the 22/23 season at the Teatro degli Oscuri

The new season is coming Theater of the Dark in Torrita di Siena: the 2022/23 programming will be curated by the Compagnia Teatro Giovani Torrita, with which the Municipality has renewed the agreement, for the artistic direction of Laura Ruocco.

The new program includes seven shows to be held between the months of November and April, always with the double show formula at 7 and 9.15 pm. The official opening on November 26th with the show”Unarmed Band”, starring Matteo Vacca, Maurizio Paniconi and Alessandro Tirocchi. This is the story of three men without tools. Besieged by architectural and mental barriers, they attempt a desperate unarmed insurrection. Indeed, disarming.

The December 3rd instead it will be the appointment of “Looks like Hamlet” a monologue by and with Francesco Zaccaro directed by Ivano Picciallo: on stage an intense rewriting of the Shakespearean masterpiece that highlights new fragilities and new dilemmas.

It is baptized the new year (January 7th) with the new reruns of the show by the Compagnia Teatro Giovani Torrita “Neverland the Musical”. Neverland is the story of a story, a map to get to Neverland, an instruction booklet to learn to fly when the world collapses on us; a dream that only comes true if you dare to believe in fairies.

We continue at the end of the month (January 28th) with a Golden Actors Theater production”In memory”, a show to celebrate Remembrance Day and which has as its theme the suppression of human rights with the consequences of totalitarian and dictatorial tendencies. The show aims to be an opportunity to retrace the dynamics that led to the monstrosities of Hitler’s National Socialism and the genocide of millions of Jews. The peculiarity of this staging is that of juxtaposing texts by different authors who have dedicated part of their work to this theme. From Vitaliano Brancati to Pier Paolo Pasolini (Pilade), from Harold Pinter to Bertolt Brecht, from Alberto Moravia (The God Kurt) to Albert Camus, from Primo Levi to Ernesto Rossi. In addition to being an opportunity to keep alive the memory of what has been with the hope of creating consciences capable of ensuring that the past does not return in any form, this is an opportunity to bring young people from high schools closer to some authors they have met in their study program.

Saturday February 18th in the company of Fabrizio Checcacci, Roberto Andrioli and Lorenzo degli Innocenti “All the complete works of William Shakespeare in 90 minutes”, a comedy written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield. A parody of all of William Shakespeare’s works performed in comically abbreviated form by three actors, using the most varied interpretive techniques. The power and poetry of his verses are predictably less but the purpose, after all, is nothing more than to amuse the public, intrigue them and reveal the comic side that is hidden even in the darkest tragedies.

The defective ones” will instead be the appointment of 4th March which will see for the first time the Teatro degli Oscuri of Torrita Emanuela Grimalda, well-known face of “I Cesaroni”, “Un medico in Famiglia”, “Tutti pazzi per amore”. “The Defectives”, a monologue for seven characters and an actress, is a show, cheerful, desperate, transversal and very vital exactly like the underground microcosm, apparently marginal but very populous that it tells. Based on the highly successful novel Le Difettose by Eleonora Mazzoni.

The theater season closes April 15th Anna Meacci, Daniela Morozzi and Chiara Riondino with “The girls of San Frediano”, one of the most famous novels by Vasco Pratolini. The girls of Sanfrediano are a sort of modern fairy tale. The girls to whom Pratolini dedicates the novel are a group of young women who decide to prank the heartthrob of the neighborhood, at a time when it was really difficult to rebel against the abuses of men. And it is precisely from this spirit and from this evocative title that the three Florentine artists have decided to start again, as a tribute to the city and to the female universe which, despite its strengths and weaknesses, always has the ability to find new paths even in moments more complicated. The idea for the show was born right in the period when the theaters were closed, a moment in which the three conceived a real tour in front of the theaters which immediately aroused the interest of the public.

This year will also return the theater for schools with the review “At school with the theater” in which the shows Neverland, In Memoria and the Girls of Sanfrediano will also be proposed for the schools of Torrita di Siena.

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Torrita di Siena, the 22/23 season at the Teatro degli Oscuri