Toti, Tata and the Shakespeare in us

“All the world is a stage and men and women are only actors. They have their exits and their entrances and in life everyone plays many parts»: so he writes William Shakespeare in “As you like”. And using the incipit of this famous phrase, Emilio Solfrizzi and Antonio Stornaiolo wrote, directed and starred”All the world is a stage”. Show that goes on stage today at 20.45 al Greek Polythema of Lecce for the theater’s prose season under the artistic direction of Sonia Greco; and tomorrow at 22 at Curci Theater in Barletta for the Season created by the Municipality in collaboration with the Pugliese Public Theater.

Shakespeare’s words seem to underline that everyone’s life is a sequence of scenes and counter-scenes. The theater then becomes the ideal place to talk about the weaknesses, but also and above all about the extraordinary qualities of mankind. The purpose of historic couple of Apulian comedy is then to tell the life of the English playwright who gave humanity the imagination. Why was it so successful in his time? And why is it still so current today?

A show for those who love theater in general and comedy in particular

«To answer these questions – reads the presentation notes – take a scene and put yourself in it a seasoned storyteller and a race comedian; add a workhorse, a monkey with a banana in hand and a tribute to the neo-melodic song; shake well and then stuffed with young Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, a washing machine hanging in the sun and a Verdi aria. You will get the concentrated juice of the new show by Solfrizzi and Stornaiolo. A show for those who love theater in general and comedy in particular. But above all a show for those who would have preferred to stay at home, sprawled out on the sofa. They’ll change their minds.”

The premises seem clear, the perimeter that circumscribes the show a little less, if it is that of a comedy that ranges between a thousand and unpredictable references, apparently unglued but all linked to current events and times outside the stage. Current topics which, as always, will be tackled with the tools ofirony and of lightnesswhich have always marked the comedy of the two artists, through lateral thoughts, tight dialogues, hilarious phrasing.

The first steps in 1985 as “Toti and Tata”

Their partnership was born in 1985 when they formed the duo “Toti and Tata”, while in 1988 they founded the cabaret theater “La dolce vita”, a point of reference for comedians for several years, starting in the same year the successful collaboration with the author Gennaro Nunziante. Insane poems, ironic games on the Italian language made up of double and triple meanings. Their jokes have managed to withstand the bumps of time and be handed down from generation to generation. On television they start with Mazza and Panella, two unlikely telesellers. But success came in 1992, with “Filomena Coza Depurada in Telebari!”, the first sit-com that set out to mimic the many telenovelas that arrived from overseas. Among their most famous characters are the surreal actor Carmelo Meglio, a parody of Carmelo Bene, in constant conflict with the mother; the tragicomic poet Mino Pause, gothic yet irresistibly comic; singer Piero Scamarciowho literally translated the most famous pieces of international music with his acetate suit.

Toti, Tata and the Shakespeare in us