Totò, Peppino and … la dolce vita / The principles of laughter are back on Rete 4

Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita, a Rete 4 film directed by Sergio Corbucci

Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita will be broadcast today, 10 September, starting at 4.50 pm on Rete 4. We are faced with a comic film produced in Italy in 1961 by Mario Mariani and Gianni Buffardi, directed by Sergio Corbucci.

The masterpiece of Italian cinema can boast in the cast illustrious names such as that of the great Totò, Peppino De Filippo, Francesco Mulè and Mara Berni. The film is a clear parody of the film with the same name made in 1960 by Federico Fellini. In particular, the shooting focused on Via Veneto, the main scenography of Fellini’s film. Despite the signature of Corbucci and the participation of actors of great depth, the critics of the time did not particularly appreciate the reinterpretation.

Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita, the plot of the film

Let’s read the plot from Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita. Some politicians have decided to promote the works of a grandiose motorway network with the aim of embellishing the town’s urban layout. This circumstance can be a springboard for the land of a wealthy entrepreneur who, in order to seize the opportunity on the fly, proposes to his nephew to go to Rome to bribe the men who had proposed the initiative.

The plan envisaged moving the distance by projecting it near the lands of Antonio Barbacane’s grandfather, so as to increase its value. Despite the recommendations, the boy is ruinously attracted by the perdition offered by the capital; for this reason Peppino was also sent to the city. The latter was the exact opposite of Antonio, loyal to duty and modest in his opinions.

He therefore tries to control the boy’s actions in order not to ruin his grandfather’s aspirations. Meanwhile, Antonio tries to earn a living with occasional jobs, such as being an illegal parking attendant at the well-known Via Veneto. He is discovered by Peppino who, however, is persuaded his turn by his cousin who leads him to a road dedicated to dissolute life. One of the most exhilarating moments concerns their evening in a well-known Roman club. Antonio voluntarily disperses drugs into the air, causing everyone present to feel exhausted and stunned. In particular, a group of American women begin to lose all kinds of inhibitions by unleashing their men’s anger against their cousins.

After the rather chaotic evening, Antonio returns again to dabble as a valet, risking even being arrested after organizing an unauthorized meeting. Once Peppino arrives at the place, he is once again convinced by his cousin that the plan is following his course. Specifically, Antonio points out that he has already spoken to the politicians in question about his grandfather’s requests and everything would be under control.

Reality comes out when the cousins ​​are deceived by a baroness to a private party. It is in this circumstance that Antonio confesses that he no longer has money and above all that he has failed in his task of bribing politicians for his grandfather’s requests.

Peppino is still convinced to have fun at least for that evening, but an unforeseen event will change their plans. In the midst of fun and debauchery, the grandfather of the two boys arrives at the party who, after a long lecture, sends his cousins ​​home. After some time Antonio and Peppino receive news of their grandfather’s mission, sensationally discovering that not only has he also been kidnapped by the dissolute life, but that instead of taking care of the family plan he has decided to do the job of an abusive parking attendant instead of Antonio.


Totò, Peppino and … la dolce vita / The principles of laughter are back on Rete 4