Tributes to De Andrè and Paganini, gaming, theatre, art, music: here is the Cesena weekend

On the stages of the theaters there is something for all tastes, in Cesenatico for example a tribute to two greats of music is staged: Fabrizio De Andrè and Paganini. There are still a few days to visit the nativity scenes, such as that of the Marineria, which is set up over the weekend in the picturesque canal port of Cesenatico. Make way for antiques at the Cesena Fair while at the Malatestiana space for gaming. Here are the events from Friday to Sunday.

Theater, music and surroundings

After the one-man show dedicated to her children’s theater creations last season, one of the most loved Italian directors in Europe, Emma Dante, returns to the Bonci Theater in Cesena until Sunday with her latest show for an adult audience, Sugar puppet: with a visionary figure that evokes the archaic traditions of her homeland, Sicily, through a contemporary gaze, the director starts from one of the oldest texts of the Italian fairy tale tradition, Lo cunto de li cunti by Giambattista Basile, to return with touching sincerity a grotesque portrait of today’s family, in a dark and ironic fresco of our time. They arrive at the Magazzino Parallelo in Cesena on Friday in concert the Comaneci with their latest album “Anguille”, a record of perseverance and transformation: born and raised in times of distance and limitations, it has tried to transform itself into an opportunity to explore new horizons. Saturday arrives at the same location instead “It will be a beautiful night”, the new book by Francesco Satanassi, presented as a multi-voiced reading-monologue with the author, Clelia Cuzzolin, Enrico Gregori: it is the story of Elena and Dino, Satanassi’s grandparents, and of a love they called sympathy. Saturday comes the event ‘Melodj Mecca Buliron’ at the Energy nightclub of Cesenatico: the temple of Afro music returns for a night of great memories. It will always be staged on Saturday at the Cesenatico Theater “Beware of the Gorilla!”, a tribute to one of the greatest Italian singer-songwriters, Fabrizio De André, reinterpreted and revised in a completely new key based on an original, modern and extremely engaging sound and vocal imprint: the work is signed by the singer-songwriter from Rimini Andrea Amati. The last appointment of Cesenatico Classica is instead a tribute to Paganini: signed by Trio 800 who on Sunday will also present to the public an aspect that not everyone knows. Paganini in fact was not only a virtuoso of the violin, but he also excelled with the guitar. First appointment dedicated to fameiglie at the Teatro Comunale di Gambettola: on Saturday the Aidoru company presents the sensorial show Uncle Wolf, inspired by Italo Calvino’s Italian fairy tales, a peasant fairy tale that belongs to the oral tradition of the land of Romagna, but is, at the same time, universal. The season of the Petrella Theater in Longiano gets back on track after the holiday break: on Saturday the actors and actresses of the Arte e Salute company in the show The class, directed by Nanni Garella: we start again from the most unique and special moment of human existence, the period of childhood. The appointments with the Romagna dialect of “In the company of Romagna” are back in the Malatestiana Library: Sunday “Zapatin from Chesi” by Guglielmo Giovagnoli. The new “Winter Music” series begins on Saturday in the caretaker’s house of the Rocca Malatestiana in Cesena: the first appointment features the singer and guitarist Silvia Wakte in “Solo Act” a guitar, voice, loop and effects show, dedicated to women in music and singer-songwriters. The Festival of Romagna dialect comedy at the Bogart film theater has reached its 30th edition: opening on Saturday with the company on stage “La Compagine San Tomè” with “A t’amazarò infèna a fet murì”, two comic acts directed by Maurizio Cimatti. The programming of Villa Torlonia is enriched with a new preview: they will always be on stage on Saturday Francesco Gobbi and Alessandro Pieri with the parody entitled 𝐷𝑖𝑜 & 𝐷riamo 𝑠.𝑛.𝑐.with a bizarre parody in the Romagna language of the biblical Genesis.

Last chances to visit the cribs

The heart of Cesenatico still shines for a weekend with the lights of its traditional Marine crib, an attraction not only for Romagna but for the whole nation. The historic Christmas work, designed by Tinin Mantegazza and created by the artists Maurizio Bertoni and Mino Savadori based on an idea by the then president of the hoteliers Guerrino Gardini, was still the protagonist of the city’s festivities. But that is not all, again for a weekend in Cesenatico you can also visit the thirteenth edition of the “Nativity scene in the street” and a no less suggestive nativity scene, the one set up in the picturesque Piazzetta delle Conserve, hence the name “Presepe delle Conserve” where in ancient times the fish was kept. Also in Gatteo Mare the nativity scene at the origins of Gatteo Mare, animated artistic created by the Fantini family, in Piazza della Libertà can still be visited.

Antiques and gaming

Come back ‘Once upon a time’, the monthly appointment with the charm of antiquity in Cesena Fiera on Saturday and Sunday: over 200 exhibitors from all over Italy gather in the pavilions with their antiques, modern art and brocantage proposals. New for the January date is the collateral exhibition “Bacchus, tobacco and Venus”. The new year opens with video games and in the name of innovation, in the Gaming Room of the Media Library of the Malatestiana Library the appointments are restarting with days dedicated to board and role-playing games: Saturday “Malatestiana Gaming and Videogame Cup”a tournament featuring a variety of board games for all ages.

360 degree art

The Malatestiana Library hosts the photographic exhibition “Landscapes of Italian cinema”, offering urban and landscape glimpses, used as backdrops by Italian cinema over the decades, both for masterpieces and for minor films: a journey along the Peninsula, between famous locations and lesser known places, thanks to the photos from the Centro Cinema funds, various of which presented for the first time. What is the place of breastfeeding and women in today’s society? The exhibition answers this question “The Invisible Breasts – Invisible Breasts” by the Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ubbe, which can be visited at the Galleria Pescheria in Cesena. Cesena is the second stage of the traveling exhibition promoted on the occasion of Breastfeeding Week. The exhibition “The widespread factory. Production and architecture in Cesena” opens on Saturday at the Galleria del Ridotto: it travels through the transformations of the Cesena area from the Unification of Italy to the present day in the light of the main changes in the production system. With the inauguration of the new exhibition space “Damasco Art Exhibition” in Cesena, the exhibition is visible “The restless soul” by Vanni Spazzoli curated by Galleria Damasco, with the exhibition of over 20 works by the artist created in the last years of creative work. Giovanni Pascoli passionate photographer: for the first time a major photographic exhibition investigates and recounts an unprecedented and curious aspect of the Poet of San Mauro who loved this technological novelty of his time so much that he got to have over a thousand photographs of it over the course of his his life. “Of the ethereal sun. Giovanni Pascoli photographer” is the title of the exhibition, which can be visited from Saturday at Villa Torlonia Parco Poesia Pascoli. For the coming Christmas period, starting on Sunday, the Maritime Museum of Cesenatico is proposing an exhibition that will certainly be dear to all sea and sailing enthusiasts, created in collaboration with the specialized bookshop Mare di carta of Venice, starring two among the best-known Italian sea illustrators: Enea Riboldi and Lele Vianello. The Municipal Gallery “Leonardo da Vinci” on the other hand offers, again from Sunday, the exhibition Between dream and reality, to discover the pop world of Dall’Olio, Muntuschi, Sansavini: to welcome visitors, the bright and overbearing colors of three great masters, who loudly want to distract from the dullness and anxieties of recent years. The traditional Christmas appointment with art is also renewed at Casa Moretti: the home of the great writer and poet now hosts painted cards and writings by Tonina Cianca, the whimsical artist from Cesenatico who died ten years ago. As a writer and poet Tonina has left a considerable amount of papers, only partially functional to her favorite work as a painter and draftsman.

Tributes to De Andrè and Paganini, gaming, theatre, art, music: here is the Cesena weekend