Tricicle arrives in Madrid with its new version of ‘Forever Young’, a


The members of the Tricicle company, Carles Sans, Joan Gràcia and Paco Mir, arrive this Wednesday at the Cofidis Alcázar Theater in Madrid with the renewed version of the musical ‘Forever Young’, by Erik Gedeon, “a song to life when you are close to death”, which they already brought to Spanish theaters in 2011 for the first time.

The company presented its performances in Madrid this Tuesday at a press conference, where it will perform this revival until July 31, with novelties in the dramaturgy, “the weak point” of the 2011 proposal -premiered at the Teatro Gran Vía–, as explained by Mir, in statements collected by Europa Press.

Thus, the Madrid public will be able to enjoy the six centenarian protagonists, who spend an evening on the stage of a theater converted into an artists’ asylum, recalling their successes of yesteryear in the company of a nurse determined to martyr them.

Accompanied live by a piano and other instruments, the performers will also make the audience relive special moments with musical hits such as ‘I Love Rock’n Roll’, by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts; Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’; ‘I will survive’, by Gloria Gaynor, and ‘Satisfaction’, by The Rolling Stones, among others, reached a dozen versions, in addition to medleys.

“One thing is happening in the production this year, the public sings, timidly, but 700 timid people make the sound powerful”, Mir pointed out about what has happened at the functions in Barcelona and that he hopes it will be repeated in Madrid . Likewise, he has highlighted that people who have already seen the previous version have said that “their memory was good, but this version is better” and “completely different”.

Although the main novelty is the change in the dramaturgy, the new musical also stands out for the work of the actors, all of them young, in vocal and gestural interpretation, since they represent very old people.

In this sense, Mir has explained that young actors have been chosen due to the vocal and physical demands of doing up to eight performances per week, and has ensured that they have prepared for the role, making sure “not to fall into parody”.

Marc Pujol, Lucía Torres, Irene Jódar, Rai Borrell, Llorenç González, Marc García Rami and Mercè Martínez are the interpreters of this new version, in which, in addition, García Rami takes over from Manuel Villalta as musical director.

Thus, the musical comedy directed by Tricicle once again spreads a vital message: “Life is two days, let’s not waste it”. And it is that, as Sans highlighted in the presentation, it is a “song to life when one is closer to death”.

Likewise, he has asserted that it is a show for all audiences but with which older people can feel very represented. In this regard, he has reported that users of residences attended the functions in Barcelona and left “excited” for having felt represented.

In this way, Tricicle defends the revival of the musical, one of those proposals that can be used “from time to time”, because they always like it, as Mir has assured. In addition, Sans has indicated that it is a “perfect summer” show.

“It is when people are more playful than ever. June is perfect because it is a show that leaves with a smile from ear to ear,” he pointed out.

Tricicle does not close doors to a tour with this revival, after its 2011 version toured Spain, France, Argentina, Mexico and Peru with around 500 performances. For the moment, they have already managed to sell this new adaptation to countries like Argentina and Peru, among others, so that they are represented there by other companies.

Tricicle arrives in Madrid with its new version of ‘Forever Young’, a