“Until money do us part”: which actors do you share with “I am Betty, the ugly one”?

” has been among the most watched non-English-language fiction on Netflix in the last five weeks. The Colombian comedy is in the Top 10 along with another production from the same origin: “Café con aroma de mujer”. The difference is that the cast of the first one has two actors that the followers of “” will easily recognize: and Julian Arango.

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The telenovela has 88 chapters that narrate the fun love affair between Alejandra (Carmen Villalobos) and Rafael (Sebastián Martínez). The encounter begins when he, a street vendor, meets a top premium car sales executive, when he runs her over with her car and “ruins her life” as she would put it.

The comedy stimulates tension with the mistakes and banalities of the characters: the father with supposed senile dementia, Benjamín (Alejandro Tommasi); the toxic and irrational girlfriend, Vicky (Juliette Pardau), the racist and prejudiced boyfriend, Luciano (Gregorio Pernía), among others. For their part, Lorna Cepeda and Julián Arango are the salesmen of the automobile company where the romance of the protagonists takes place.

Almost like a parody of love between two strangers, the adaptation of the script by Fernando Gaitán (1969-2019), which has the same name, did not attract attention in Colombia during its premiere at the beginning of the year. However, after joining Netflix, it is now one of the most recognized Latin American series on the platform.

Actors of “I am Betty, the ugly one”

Lorna Cepeda’s character in “Until money separates us”, Rosaura Echeverri, is a premium-range car saleswoman. It just so happens that the personality of the blonde matches the role of the legendary “Peliteñida”, Patricia Fernández in “I am Betty, the ugly one”.

In the 1999 Colombian telenovela, Patricia had the need to mask the difficult economic situation that was happening, after the separation with her millionaire husband. For this reason, she enters the company of her best friend as a secretary to solve her excessive expenses.

Rosaura is a superficial woman who suffers the silence of her husband’s abandonment. She must support her children and overcome debts, but she reaffirms that the only reason she works is for a hobby, not a necessity. Her appearance in society is very important to her, but she will accept her condition throughout the story.


On the other hand, Julián Arango gives life to Mariano Castaño, the best salesman at the Ramenautos car shop. The role marks a contrast with the character of the Colombian in “I am Betty, the ugly one”, the fashion designer Hugo Lombardi, a creative, superficial man and declared gay in the world of fiction.

In the fiction of RCN Televisión, Mariano Castaño is a homophobic and corrupt man, who makes a difference in the car company, because he has specific contracts with State clients at low cost. In one of the chapters, his colleague and his friend declares her openly homosexual love for him and the character’s first reaction is to use violence.

Towards the end of the telenovela, it is interesting to see the transformation of the characters played by Lorna Cepeda and Julián Arango.


“Until money do us part”: which actors do you share with “I am Betty, the ugly one”?