“Va che bèla comèdia!”: Gene Gnocchi and Max Pisu for Marmirolo’s 2023 theater mini

MARMIROLO – A mini-season dedicated to the comedy genre and great guests, before the Teatro Nuovo in Marmirolo temporarily closes its doors for the announced works of fire prevention adaptation and restoration and extraordinary maintenance of the building, which are flanked by those for the new layout of the adjoining library. This is the cultural proposal put forward by the municipal administration in view of the first months of 2023, in fact the only one possible since the building site in Piazza Roma will soon be installed.
A shorter review, therefore, of only three shows: but all of an absolute level and set up hand in hand with the Disanima Piano association of Mantua, with which the collaboration continues after the success of the events of the past years (the last in order of time the show with Ezio Guaitamacchi and the Dolcenera concert). The motto that accompanies the mini-season is “What a beautiful comedy!”along the lines of the slogan adopted for the 2022 billboard. Here we go Saturday 4 February with “The Movement of Nothing” with Gene Gnocchiwe continue Saturday 18 February with “Pajamas for Six” with Max Pisu And Antonio Cornacchione and it ends Friday 3 March with “The sun has gone to our heads” with the Rimbamband. Three great shows united by the comedy genre, because if the Teatro Nuovo has to close its doors – temporarily – it is better to do it with a smile on your face. In addition to the shows included in the program of “Va che bèla comèdia!”, the Teatro Nuovo will also host a show dedicated to children and families: the green musical “Il Ri-ciclo della vita” will be staged on Sunday 12 February at 4 pm organized by the Compagnia Teatro d’Asporto of Mantua with masked actors, marionettes and puppets, singing and live music, sets and instruments made with recycled material (single ticket 5 euros). Pre-sales are active for all shows on the telephone number 3204343663 (Pro loco of Marmirolo).
The works at the Teatro Nuovo in Marmirolo include the fire prevention adaptation, the restoration and extraordinary maintenance of the historic building, as well as the new layout of the library. The project had been nominated for the regional tender for the assignment of grants for the enhancement of Lombardy’s public heritage for cultural purposes, obtaining a non-repayable grant of 492,712 euros, against a total amount of 656,950 euros (the remainder is paid by the municipality). The theater needs restoration of some deteriorated situations, but also interventions related to fire prevention. The restoration and conservative rehabilitation interventions will concern the external surfaces of the building, the mystical gulf and part of the deteriorated internal environments. The recovery of 5 double doors in wood and glass is also planned. To solve the problem of infiltrations in the sub-portico, the roof will be restored with the laying of a new layer of bituminous sheath. Simultaneously with the works on the theater, the project also includes interventions on the municipal library, which occupies the same building, in relation to the set-up and furnishings to give the citizens a completely renewed service that is more responsive to today’s needs to which the library is called to answer. Specifically, the purpose of the supply is to create more welcoming and usable spaces for children and students who wish to study in the library and expand the cultural offer intended for reading events, book presentations and meetings with authors even in the evening and on the weekend. This intervention follows the renovation of the rooms completed in 2020.
A final chapter concerns the acquisition of functional equipment for the enjoyment of culture by people with sensory disabilities, through the acquisition of some tactile plates in Braille.


The Movement of Nothing, with Gene Gnocchi
Saturday 4 February 2023, 9 pm
whole: 18 euros reduced 15 euros
free admission for Disanima Piano members and partners
reduced admission for Autumn at the Theater 2022 season ticket holders
A real convention, a monologue by the comedian and television commentator, with absolutely political contours and easily guessed from the title. “Nothingness. We won’t keep our promises, but we’ll tell you first.”
As the best Italian tradition teaches, movement is born from television to become something real. If the owner of private television has become premier and one of the greatest comedians head of one of the most important movements, why shouldn’t Gene Gnocchi be able to run for president? “Work less, work you” is one of the slogans of the new party and promises everything to get to nothing.
She presents herself as the “Leopolda of the poor” and sets out to sweep away everything that the pandemic and the energy crisis have not eliminated until she gets to zeroing out what has been done up to now, making a clean slate to leave a blank sheet for the new generations.
It is the parody of today’s politics, a politically incorrect show that turns into a real movement; in fact, the entrance ticket will entitle you to receive the party card and it will be possible to buy electoral gadgets. Naturally, the anthem of the movement will not be missing, but every evening the public will choose it through an official vote.
Memberships are already numerous, don’t miss the opportunity to host an epochal event for the political history of our country.

Pajamas for six, with Max Pisu and Antonio Cornacchione
Saturday 18 February 2023, 9 pm
whole: 18 euros reduced 15 euros
free entry for Disanima Piano partners
reduced admission for Autumn season ticket holders at Teatro 202
reduced admission for Disanima Piano members

The most classic of triangles: he, she, the other. But the figure becomes a complex polygon, when the maid sent by an agency, thanks to the mocking fate that wants to bear the same name, is mistaken for her husband’s lover by her friend, but is forced to play the role of lover of the latter in the eyes of his wife, who is obviously jealous, but cannot reveal herself… Until everyone is forced to play a different role depending on the people present in the room, in a crescendo of misunderstandings and laughter. Pajamas for Six is ​​the typical perfect mechanism. A text in which the viewer becomes passionate, identifying himself involuntarily, to understand how the various characters will be able to find solutions to situations that become more and more intricate, until the dissolution due to the arrival of a further unexpected (and dangerous) deus ex machina.

The sol went to our heads, with Rimbamband
Friday 3 March 2023, 9 pm
whole: 18 euros reduced 15 euros
free entry for members and Disanima Piano partners
free entry for Autumn a Theater 2022 subscribers who have also purchased the first two shows
reduced admission for Autumn at the Theater 2022 season ticket holders

Eccentricity, talent, preparation and a healthy dose of desire to have fun and entertain are the secret of the success of the training that with its show “The sun has given us to the head”, has gone beyond the city limits to land in prestigious national limelight. The group has returned from Orvieto where it enchanted the audience of Umbria jazz winter, securing a place for the summer version of the event, scheduled in Perugia. The protagonists give life to an eclectic, sparkling, crazy, but also bizarre, tasty and unleashed formation, all-round artists who “use” music to travel even beyond it. A repertoire that ranges, with agility, from Fred Buscaglione to Renato Carosone, passing through Nicola Arigliano, rediscovering them, re-evaluating them, re-launching them, reinterpreting them, with the unscrupulous awareness of homage.

“Va che bèla comèdia!”: Gene Gnocchi and Max Pisu for Marmirolo’s 2023 theater mini-season – Mantovauno.it