“Vernia or non Vernia”: in Pavia the new and exhilarating show

We return to the theater! The show by and with Giovanni Vernia will be staged at the Fraschini on Sunday 2 October at 8.30 pm due to unavailability of the artist.

With a comical Shakespearean dilemma, he returns to the stage in Italian theaters Giovanni Vernia. “VERNIA OR NOT VERNIA”Is the new and hilarious theatrical show by the overwhelming showman, directed by Giampiero Solari and Paola Galassi. With the unmistakable style of his comedy, Vernia will propose funny sketches and monologues all to laugh that tease, intrigue and provoke the public until it is legitimate to wonder if it is him or not.

Giovanni Vernia is a talent of Italian comedy, which always confirms his expressive versatility to the many loyal fans of the characters he has played over the years, starting with Jonny Groove. Due to his versatility and the ability to try his hand in several areas, Giovanni is also the author of his show, written together with Paolo Uzzi (Pablo Solari also collaborated on the texts).

The Genoese comedian interprets exactly the moods of our times with “Vernia o non Vernia”, through an artistic approach in step with the new media languages. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Giovanni, after his exploit on television as a prominent character in the cast of Zelighas received a huge success also on the web, so much so that on social networks it boasts millions of followers; in the last year, participation in the Rai1 television program was memorable “Such and Which Show”, The occasion in which he played Jim Carrey in the film“ The Mask ”, proving his qualities as an all-round showman and highlighting his singing and dancing skills.

Precisely because of its versatility and the ability to tell itself, to always communicate in an authentic and extravagant way, arousing interest in the public, Vernia recently launched nice and innovative viral projects through the periodic publication of videos on Youtube, “How to become italian” And “One day you’ll understand“; in the first Giovanni plays and jokes with the Americans about the comedy of Italian habits; the second is a million-click column in which the actor explains to his son the paradoxical current events of our country, making an original satire of customs and / or politics.

Vernia puts into practice modern ideas ready to amaze his audience even on social networks: his Facebook page boasts millions and millions of clicks and has interactions with national and international guests such as One Republic, Boomdabash, Luis Capaldi, Ermal Meta, Negramaro, Elisa , Luca Carboni, Marco Mengoni, among many.


Vernia or non Vernia is the real theatrical novelty. Anyone who knows Giovanni Vernia associates his name with the irresistible masks with which he conquered TV and the web. In this show the artist tells where his comic madness comes from. His is an inner demon, who begins to appear as a child, stimulated by the Genoa in which he grew up and by the extravagant Apulian and Sicilian relatives. He is a kind of mischievous sprite, which manifests itself in an increasingly intrusive way during his career as an engineer, forcing him to become a professional comedian. This new show is an exercise in intelligent lightness, in which the artist’s personal story is superimposed on a hilarious but acute journey through the clichés of these strange modern times. The result is a complete showman, who sweeps with ease from story to parody, from song to dancecreating a unique and engaging relationship with the public“.


  • THEATER TICKET OFFICE (C.so Strada Nuova 136 Pavia), open from Monday to Saturday from 4 to 7 pm – Saturday 1 October also open from 11 to 13
  • ONLINE TICKET OFFICE: https: //teatrofraschini.vivaticket.it/

Prices: stalls and central boxes € 30, side boxes € 26, 4th order seats € 20 (+ presale right).

It is possible to use vouchers in the name of Silvio Petitto’s Promoter to purchase tickets for this show.

For info: 340.5334916 or info@promoterpv.it

“Vernia or non Vernia”: in Pavia the new and exhilarating show