[VIDEO] Les Inconnus: 8 essential things to know about the trio of comedians

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The Unknowns are making their big comeback on TV. In “All Unknown”, TF1 invited a host of celebrities to replay the trio’s cult sketches. To see this Monday, November 14 at 9:10 p.m.

Their sketches have entertained several generations of fans. Impossible to have forgotten “Auteuil, Neuilly, Passy”, “Turn households”, “The hunters” “Rap-all” or “It’s you that I love you”.

To pay tribute to the Unknowns, TF1 devotes a special evening to them, this Monday, November 14. The principle: celebrities will replay the cult sketches of the trio in a fiction. The opportunity to find Nikos Aliagas, Claudio Capéo, Camille Combal, Pierre Palmade, M.Pokora, Soprano, JoeyStarr or Christophe Willem.

During the presentation of the program to the press, the Inconnus confided that seeing their sketches performed by others was disturbing. “On the one hand it’s pleasant, and at the same time, you feel dispossessed”, explained Didier Bourdon. Could this tribute make the Unknowns want to reform? Didier Bourdon and Pascal Légitimus would not say no but Bernard Campan is reluctant. “To redo sketches today, it would be too much of a headache. At best, we would say ‘It’s as good’. But this job, we do it to do things better”, explains the actor.

Do you think you know the career of the Unknowns well? Here are eight essential things to know.

They were five at the start

Les Inconnus is Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus. Yet at the start, the Unknowns were not three but five. The trio was accompanied by Seymour Brussel and Smaïn. Smaïn had left the group not believing in the future of the band. Seymour Brussel is an osteopath in Seine-et-Marne.

They have changed names several times.

The first name of the group of comedians was the Five. After Smaïn left, they changed their name to Cat car & co. When Seymour Brussel left in turn, the band chose the name of the Unknowns. They didn’t stay that way for long.

They were revealed at the Bouvard theater

Like many comedians known today but unknown at the time, the band rose to fame by performing their sketches in Philippe Bouvard’s “Petit theatre” on Antenna 2. First appearance in 1983.

They met a star producer

In 1986, Les Inconnus met producer Paul Lederman. In the past, he discovered Claude François, Mike Brandt Coluche or Michel Polnareff. He decides to work with the Unknowns and propel them on the road to success on European 1on TV on the five then to the theatre.

They successfully scratched the TV

In 1990, Les Inconnus decided to parody television and launched “La télé des Inconnus”. Parodies of shows, saucy reports, fake commercials, trailers, music videos… It’s a big hit on Antenna 2 during two years. The programs include songs that will become hits (“Auteuil, Neuilly, Passy”, “C’est ton destin”, “Rap tout”…). Les Inconnus obtained two 7 d’or and two Victoires de la musique.

They are a hit at the cinema

Strengthened by this success, the trio did not resist the call of the cinema. They write and shoot “The Three Brothers”, directed by Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan. This is the story of three brothers who ignore each other and who inherit a fabulous fortune of 3 million francs. “Les 3 frères” was the hit of 1995 with 6,897,098 admissions. The film won a César.

They fall out with their manager and break up

Despite the success, the Unknowns fell out with their manager Paul Lederman. As he holds the rights to the name “Les Inconnus”, he forbids them to perform at three. The trio separates and decides to start each on their side a solo career. The dispute was not settled until 2001. The trio then reunited to shoot the film “Les Rois Mages”.

They created the event at the “Enfoirés”

The years pass, each of the three actors leads a career. In 2019, event in the concerts of the “Enfoirés” for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur: the trio is on stage in Bordeaux to interpret its greatest hits. What bring back very good memories to the spectators.

[VIDEO] Les Inconnus: 8 essential things to know about the trio of comedians