Vox’s grotesque Carnival with bullfighters, kings and monks: “It is not a parody, it is a real image”

grotesque. According to RAE, said of the literary genre that is characterized by the presentation of a distorted and grotesque reality and the degradation of the values ​​dedicated to a ridiculous situation. “Take a look at the imperious delirium of the fascists,” commented the journalist Antonio Maestre when he saw what Vox had prepared in the Mad Cool space in Valdebebas, within a few patriotic days to celebrate Hispanic Day.

The political formation is once again on everyone’s lips for its staging in an act that is called the great Viva 22 party in which a true Carnival has been set up. They couldn’t wait for next year and they have come forward dressed as kings, monks, bullfighters, conquerors, politicians, artists or scientists. Characters such as Cánovas del Castillo or Admiral Álvaro de Bazán have been revived in this ceremony dedicated to the history of Spain.

“Many of you may think that it is a parody, but this is a real image of the Vox act this weekend. It is impossible not to laugh at these people,” comments a user in Twitterwhere the scene has gone viral, generating all kinds of reactions.

Surreal moments have been witnessed through a tube, from a Don Quixote fighting against a monitor where wind turbines appeared to a grandfather telling a boy who “wants to be a soccer player” who Alfonso X El Sabio was.

His political slogans have been added to the sketches, a discourse that Santiago Abascal has developed from the lectern to applause. “We assume the past without black or pink legends. We assume our history without gags, without fear and with pride”, he has expressed.

He has also raised spirits by alluding to José Antonio Primo de Rivera. “They want to start desecrating graves again, they want to start digging up hatred again. They want to remove the body of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, a man who, before being shot, said a few words that can offend no one: I wish mine was the last drop of Spanish blood spilled in civil discord”.

The act ended with a performance by the far-right rapper Santaflow, controversial for his homophobic lyrics and wants to “hit Jorge Javier’s faggot.”

Long live 22 continues

The former president of the United States Donald Trump will be one of the guest stars at the Viva 22 macro-event that Vox is holding this weekend, along with other international leaders such as the winner of the Italian elections, Giorgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán , and the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki.

Donald Trump has sent a video addressed to the thousands of supporters who will attend the space this Sunday to wrap up their leaders. Orbán and Meloni will also appear on the screens, who has not been able to travel to Madrid immersed in the configuration of his next government.

Yes, he will share the stage with the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, the Polish prime minister, one of the main international allies of the formation. The Chilean José Antonio Kast or the Colombian Álvaro Uribe will also have a message for Vox voters.

Vox’s grotesque Carnival with bullfighters, kings and monks: “It is not a parody, it is a real image”